Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How to; get fuller lips

I have quite thin lips so as I was growing up I was always looking for ways to make them look fuller. Alot of companies have lip pumping lipglosses but I have found most of them tingle to make you think they work but don't actually work. Here's three ways to get fuller looking lips (without needles!).

Wear lighter coloured lipstick! We all know dark colours give the illusion of being smaller, which is why of course every woman owns a little black dress. Same goes for your makeup, so the darker the lipstick the smaller your lips are going to look, try to go for a satin finish too.

Always wear lipgloss! Lipgloss is shiny so reflects light making the lips look fuller, choose lighter coloured lipglosses or a clear lipgloss to go over your lipstick.

Use a white eyeliner instead of lipliner! I don't know about you but I think lipliner looks awful as most people get it so wrong. Apply a white eyeliner to the cupid's bow and below the bottom lip and blend. This gives the same effect as a highlighter so makes your lips slighty 3D.