Friday, 27 July 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

Amelia got to hold the torch! Lucky girl. My sister is holding her and I'm on the end.

At the weekend we went to Stepney Green to see the torch relay. It was a really nice day as it got warm and stayed dry so of course I was a happy girl! Amelia was really excited to get her hands on the torch, by the look on her face I'm sure she thought she was allowed to keep it and wasn't too impressed when it was taken away, boo! There was a big celebration in the park, not forgetting the huge robot..

Did anybody else go to see the torch?
As I live about 20mins from the Olympic stadium it was probably one of the only things I will be enjoying about the Olympics.  

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Budget Fashionistas Rejoice - Guest Post

Browsing in vain hope through the online sales in mid-July would, at best, normally snag me a couple of cut-price autumn end of lines.  Last year I was out of a job and donning the cocoons and sloping shoulder jackets well into the summer season, having picked them up at a bargain.  Ever I seem to be a step behind everybody else and, being a student, I expected this year to be the same. 

            So if you can master the bedhead frizz that this humidity is causing, what’s bad for the economy is good for budget fashionistas!  Now might be the first time that I’ll be able to join in with the trends of the month.  We hear that all of this rain is forcing the high street to launch their sales early; nobody is going into town on a drizzly Saturday morning and coming back with Stars & Stripes denim hot pants, hem vests and straw trilbies.  But it’s not just the day wear that’s suffering; one of the best things about fashion in summer is the availability for nightlife outfits!  Jackets and cardigans no longer need to be co-ordinated with your perfect dress and you’re free to wear your favorite (but very breezy) shift cami!

            One look at any of the high street store’s “Just Arrived” page on their website is enough to douse that tiny hopeful flame that is this summer’s fashion.  At this time of year, the week of the school’s summer break, we should be seeing beachwear, resort wear; people will be looking to jet off soon and those left behind will be swooping down on English coastlines in search of the sun.  But on River Island’s website I see dark pastel colours across fallaway jackets and sweaters.  However in their sale; dresses, shorts, sunglasses, pinks, light blues, reds and whites!  A pandemonium of holiday wear at October’s pricing!

            So we can take something good from all of this bad weather.  We’re being told that the good weather is approaching (aren’t we always?) so why not prepare whilst prices are low?  After all, if the weather never comes; nobody gets the chance to wear their outfits and they’ll still be fresh and new for next ‘summer!’


Rebecca Jones has worked in the Hair & Beauty industry for over 5 years and currently works for leading suppliers of TIGI products and Cloud Nine straighteners.  Check out her blog on Hair Care Help Store

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Eight Pound Dress

When I saw this dress whilst on Lyst a few days ago I added it straight away, how cute?
Two days later I had an email from lyst to let me know Topshop had now put the dress (by Rare) into their sale for £8! The original price was £42 (pictured). Of course I got over to Topshop straight away and brought it. It came today and I just had to share it with you, it's just soo beautiful! It's girly in this coral colour and floaty for the summer (if we ever get one). I love the exposed zip at the back of the dress too. Topshop still have this in stock in every size, you can buy by clicking on the link above.
Including P&P it was £12, bargain!!


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Texture And Dramatic Dark Colours In The 2012 Fall Fashion Palette - Guest Post

Fall is all about texture – luxurious fabrics of smooth velour, the sheen of gold radiance, and plush accessories. Classy yet sexy, classic yet updated, the 2012 fall fashions bring back old favourites with new twists.

Think Shakespeare, with sequins, ornamental spangles, glittering, and elegant beading, and tapestry fabrics in evening wear with baroque influences. Autumn evening fashions demand indulgence in extravagance and opulence. Girls can be princesses again with the renaissance flavour in fabric and style.

Soft pastels colours will add to regal feminine gowns and glamorous cocktail attire. Even gold won’t be too brassy and softer hues will make themselves known at night. Cooler weather in the fall calls for the embracing warmth of velour, not with a heavy drapery effect but with a soft lilt, flowing like royalty.

Fitted sheaths, not too tight, and frock dresses work well with belts and leggings. Mid-knee hem lines or no more than a couple of inches below the knee will show off curvy limbs. The consummate little black dress will be belted or narrowed at the waist and accented by patterned pumps or sleek boots. The idea is to give a little bit more of a formal flavour.

A variety of pantsuit styles will hit stores this autumn in updated variations of cropped pants and flared pants with a retro look. Layered suits add a modern lift to the pantsuit ensemble. Pantsuits aren’t replacing skirts, but the skirts will be more defined, like pencil skirts, emphasizing long legs and belted waistlines or at least, a narrow waist.

Modern girls will enjoy the sleek laminated finishes for outerwear and accessories. Fall collections have also introduced intricate prints, latticework patterns, and embroidered designs in pantsuits, blouses, and dresses alike.

Department stores and malls across the country will display oversized autumn outerwear complemented with loose trousers and easy layers, topping glossy sleek boots and classic pump styling meshed with patterns and colours. Skinny leggings will not disappear but will be the backdrop for a myriad of boots, topped with wool ponchos, woven one-piece shawls, and other gorgeous layered cover-ups.

Tribal wear is being replaced by the straight lines and triangular finishes of civilized military style including epaulettes and peacoats. Waistlines will be emphasized with tightly snuggled belts and handbags strapped in straight lines across the chest.

Dramatic eye makeup takes its cue from nature in beautiful peacock colours, and the wings of other birds and opalescent insect wings. Opaque lipsticks emphasize red pouty lips, captivating flirtatious innocence.

Clutch purses will beautifully accessorize wardrobes in the fall season. Fur and embroidered clutches will keep the textured theme and will feel wonderful in hand.

Hair will have more of an edge to it, making bold statements, and barrettes will add sparkle and glitter. Classy accessories will add a finishing touch and compliment provocative non-symmetrical hair styles. The classic fedora will top off masculine fashions like the military style. Jewellery will offer strong lines, blocks of colour, and natural stones. Contrasts of light and dark will make daring statements on delicate ears.

Pastels and extremely neutral palettes can still pop in the right ensemble with the right accessories. Blacks, browns, greys, dark blues, winter white, and taupe are classic fashion colours for fall and winter that will sizzle with sparkling accents.

This year’s 2012 fall season will see edgy clothes and a good fit with feminine waistlines in masculine attire, or fun girlie fashions in sexy, classic styling.

Louise Goldsmith works for a personal style assistant, through her job she travels to lots of interesting fashion events in London, Paris and Milan.

Friday, 6 July 2012


So when I checked my emails this morning I had a message from Christina (profreshstyle) from Lyst.
I had heard of Lyst a few times before but had never actually checked it out. Christina invited me to sign up to share not only my blog but my loves and style, so of course I did.
For those who don't know, Lyst is a social shopping community online where users can discover products from the people or companies they follow.
I only signed up about an hour ago and I love it already!

My Lyst profile

A few finds..