Friday, 28 October 2011


Freaky Doll For Halloween

Notes; I had a very moany baby while taking pictures, poked myself in the eye so my eyeliner kept running which is also why the lashes are hanging off slightly! So excuse the mess!


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Stylist Picks

Hey Ladies.
I'm sure most of you have heard of They are a great company which stocks the best shoes for no more than £39.95. I know thats their highest price but I'm not actually sure if thats also the lowest. The main reason I wanted to blog about this site is because I know how much you all love Cheryl Cole. Shes going to be having her own shoe range up on the website for decemeber and if thats still not enough to get you excited, if you go onto the website and answer the quick quiz you could win a pair of shoes every month for a whole year! I think the quiz was about 20 questions, all about your style (the style of the website is a little like Kim Kardashian's shoe dazzle) for things to be put into your showroom. Heres my result..

Company Review - ShopALike

I was recently contacted by the lovely Beatrix at ShopALike, I'd never actually heard of the company before but after having a nosey around the website I fell in love, they stock everything! They have a list of the onlins shops they collaborate with right now on the website, with new ones being added every week. They stock products such as Clothes, Bags, Kids Clothes, Furniture, Shoes, Jewellery and more, and will also be stocking beauty products within the next few weeks! With all that to choose from I think theres always something for everyone. Other than the site being so great itself I think this is definitely a very friendly company who will always be willing to help.

ShopALike have a huge selection of bags to choose from. They are sending me this beauty worth £42 which you can find on site.

I would recommend this site to anyone and definitely will be using them in the future.
Got facebook? You can also like their facebook page

Monday, 24 October 2011

Shouting Out Loud

Not my normal type of post but just a quick shout out to a lovely girl called Evy.
She hasn't been blogging very long but has an amazing blog anyway.
Go check her out and be sure to follow, she'll be a hit!



The Giveaway
There will be four winners (one bag each).
Each bag includes;
- 1 Beauty Tester
- 1 Lipgloss
- 1 Mini Perfume
- 1 Eyeshadow
- 1 Piece Of Jewelry
- 1 Mini Nail File

Prizes include brands such as
Rimmel London
and more!

(Two of the nail files have been cut in half as I couldn't get anymore mini files, they still work just the same).

This giveaway will be open until 14/11/11
(three weeks).

The Rules

You must publicly follow my blog.
You must leave a comment with your name & email address.

Extra Entries?
Add the giveaway picture to your sidebar linking it to my giveaway.
Write a post about this giveaway, including the picture linking it to the giveaway.

If you do any of the extras you must leave the link in a comment below.

This giveaway is international!
Good Luck!!

Friday, 21 October 2011

#001 Dine With Me

I love cooking so thought it might be fun to add a little cooking to my blog.
If you guys like this then I'll probably go the odd 'recipe' post.
My nan taught me how to make meatballs when I was quite young, she never followed cooking books for anything she was cooking so just made it up as she went along. I really love these, they make a great meal teamed with gravy for a roast or you could even have them with chips and sauce. They're really easy to make and cheap!

What you'll need:
- Miced Meat
- One or two eggs depending on how much meat you have
- Onion
- Motzo meal
- Salt & black pepper

Firstly, dice your onion. Then add an egg and your diced onion to your minced meat, add salt and pepper and stir it all in. Then your ready to make your meatballs! Before rolling them into balls have some matzo meal ready in a bowl.

Make your balls, covering them all in the matzo meal.
Heat some oil in a pan and place them in making sure there are gaps between them.

With & Without Flash.

Brown them on both sides. Once they're brown cut one with a knife to make sure they are cooked (sometimes they look it when they're not)! Do be careful when cooking as you need quite abit of oil and they do spit.

Thats it!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Amelia's 4 Month Update

This post is a whole week late, Amelia was four months last thursday!
For anyone new to my blog, I'd decided to do updates on Amelia because I'd shared my whole pregnancy on my blog with with monthly updates so wanted to carry on doing the same as I know alot of people were/are interested. I thought monthly updates where a better way to share her with you rather than doing posts here and there.

At four months she is able to do alot more for herself which she is loving. You can see in the last picture she even sat by herself for a little while (she can't do very often or for very long). She loves her food and is always laughing and smiling and some days just doesn't stop talking. Shes a very happy baby and makes me a very happy mummy.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Hey Everyone.

So as we're getting closer to my 500 follower giveaway I thought I'd let you all into a little secret. Some of you may remember just a little while (when at 400 followers) I said I wanted my giveaway to be a little different. Well I have decided since there are so many lovely ladies who follow, read and comment my blog I didn't want to give back to just one of you. So there wont be one giveaway winner, there will be four.

Giveaway prizes are just for the girls, sorry guys. Just because I only have about 5 guys following.
Giveaway will be posted for you to enter once at 500.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Missing The Catwalk.

When I was 17 I was studying beauty therpy at college, hating it and wondering what I was going to do. When I was given a modeling contract for an agency I'd done a test shoot at I left college to futher my modeling. I didn't really like the agency too much and decided not to renew my contract. After that I did some one-off work for BBC1 then modeled with a company where I worked with bigger companies such as River Island, Krisp, Young Blood, Raw Clothing and a few others.

I kept being told I could never do catwalk as I just wasn't tall enough. It never really bothered me, I didn't actually want to do catwalk anyway but having everyone tell me I just couldn't made me want to prove them all wrong. So I had an amazing choreographer who taught me and other models (new to catwalk) everything we needed to know. When I got accepted to model in Alternative Fashion Week I was a little shocked. I was picked to do every show and do mutiple shows a few days, I loved it. 

Right now I'm focusing on being a mother but do miss the catwalk a little so who knows maybe one day I'll walk it again, or pose infront of the camera.

Always prove them wrong.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Want A FREE Graze Box?

I'd been thinking of ordering a graze box for a while now but just didn't get round to it till earlier this week. I ordered on Tuesday and had the box by today (Friday), they did have Thursday open so you can have your box two days after her order. You can change your chosen day at anytime once you have an account, its also very easy to swap boxes.

The whole idea of Graze is healthy eating with a few added treats. They have three different boxes to choose from with a huge selection of snacks which you rate. I rated 'Bin' on everything I hated firstly to make sure I didn't receive those things. I'm really pleased with what I got and have been snacking all day when feeling a little peckish!

I got this box free to get your free graze box too just use my code.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Recent Purchases

I haven't been buying much for me lately. I've started christmas shopping and am of course buying lots for Amelia's first christmas along with bigger clothes for her as shes growing out of alot now, but I wont post all that! Heres just a few bits I got this week.
Two of the pictures are from the offical sites just because mine are in the wash.


Yes I love animal print I do think you have to be very careful with it though as it can end up looking very cheap and tacky. I am in complete love with these boot wedges, I love a wedged heels as it can be worn more casually and they're much more comfy.
I really liked the leggings because I think they're something different. I know Miss Selfridge were selling ones almost the same a little while ago but they were out of size 8s so I was excited to see these ones and had to have them!

Forever 21.

I'm loving the cape trend at the moment. I was a little sad this one had such short 'sleeves' with the weather how it is but I'll just wear it with a long sleeved tshirt or jumper. I love the detail in the hood, that sealed the deal for me.
The cupcake crop I already posted me wearing in the Clacton post. I just thought it was cute.


H&M do lovely baby bits and I just couldn't resist buying these little  cuties for the colder weather. I like the fact they're plain so will go with anything but still have the added zip detail so they're not so boring.

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Two NOTD's today.
Does anyone own a nail art pen? I'm really thinking of buying one but still haven't got round to it. I think you can do lovely things with them and its alot easier!
I just did a simple pink paint with a cupcake on one nail and again simple pink paint with one striped nail.

Do you prefer simple painted nails, nail art or a bit of both?