Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Todays Style Crush

Frankie Sandford

I have this dress ! Haha

Chanel & NARS

I love chanel, simple. I'd always wanted one of those gorgeous black quilted lovelys.
Soooo.. i got one! I got it about 7 months ago, its black quilted and flaps over with the chanel sign, you know the one.. i really do love it, but have only used it once. Anyway I've seen one basically (almost) the exact same which i want to get. My nans always telling me they cost too much, yes they are alot but so what? I love them! I'm thinking i might sell my one just because i dont really use it, and it is real so im sure selling wont be a big issue.
Of course as i have such a love for all things Chanel i do love the makeup. So just a little post of my favorites.

Lipstick STRESA, 73

Concealer Stick BEIGE CLAIR, 10


Moisturizing Powder DESERT CORAIL, 61
I dont wear foundation so i use powder to keep oil at bay

(comes with powder)


I love this lipstick, its a coral colour but i've lost the box so dont actually know its number
Multiple Tint (lips & cheeks)
I love this as blush and it goes lovely with the coral lipstick. TURKS & CAICOS, 5402


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Me and my designs made it into the paper along with three other people and theirs!
Here i am holding mine in front (:


Sun, Sea & Broken Heels

I'm back from Magaluf and have so much to post! I took so many pictures out there but im only posting a few because there seriously are 100's! So i went there with 13 friends, we got up to so much. The days were pretty relaxed.. the nights were full on party. We did go to a foam party at a club one night, it was very wet and i was completely covered in foam.. My friend stole a pair of heels from the foam club but they were broken! Probably why they'd been left there, we went on a boat trip and i swam in the middle of the sea with the sharks! Errrm we ate alot (; went to a water park, marineland where we watched Dolphin, Sea Lion and Parot shows, chilled on the beach, shopped abit, swam in the pool and club club club!

I got a kiss!

First time i touched a Dolphin

I loved to chill on the beach

Mmm.. My cake


Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Im off to Magaluf (Spain) with the girls (and guys).
I've almost sorted out all my outfits to take, i went shopping yesterday to Lakeside and bought a few things inclu a tutu style skirt from H&M i really wanted the pink one but thought i'd get more wearing outta the black one, plus i found a gorge top to go with it. Its defo a night outfit! So anyway i will be back on the 19th (im gonna feel really bad about no blogging!)
But leave me love and it'll all be returned when i get back !
(Btw did anyone see T4 on the beach? Who was that singing with Professer Green? Im guessing Lily Allen couldn't make it so they got a backing singer or something? Just wondered if anyone knew).

Saturday, 3 July 2010

She Left Me..

..Okay so she didn't yet, but shes going to! :'( My hairdresser is going to the states to work with Beyonce's hairdresser! Great for her, not so great for me. Okay so i dont really do salons.. She comes to my house, does my hair, has a cuppa, then leaves. Simple. She use to work in Toni&Guy but now does celebs and just house hair basically.
But good luck to her :)

Miss Guided

So normally when i shop i spend ALOT of money. I would of found it very easy to get just 2 items with the amount i got all this lot for.. but i thought id give Miss G a go. I wasnt too sure about the jumpsuit but wanted to try it so we'll see.. The website is actually Ok, heres what i got..







Stylish Blog Award

I was given this lovely award by the beautiful Katie, who you can find at If you want a little slice of fashion and just a little read everyday you'll defo like her blog. Go follow her!

Okay so the rules are once you've been awarded you have to post 5 random facts about yourself:

1. I have a ton of clothes which have been thrown out STILL with the tags. Yes i buy too many clothes which i cannot possibly wear (i work for it all).

2. I loved doing driving lessons, until other cars appeared on the road. I hate driving with other cars about!

3. I am studying to become a MUA (professional make-up artist) and studying nail technology. I am also getting a portfolio together to go to fashion school.

4. Music is my first love. I cannot go a day without listening to it.

5. I cant ride a bike. Never had one (:

I now award this to;

Friday, 2 July 2010


My mum hated this dress until she saw a picture of Kate Moss wearing it! haha
Okay so as i posted before i had a big sort out and threw loads but wasn't sure weather to keep these or not.. This is where you come in (:
Let me know what you think!


Ring - ASOS
Bag - Miss Selfridge
Shorts - New Look
Necklace - River Island
Braclet - ASOS (From a set of mixed braclets)
Top - Warehouse
Cant remember where the shoes are from! (Some shop in Central London haha)