Saturday, 26 March 2011

27 Weeks Pregnant 3D scan + OOTD

I Had A 3D Scan Done!!
Okay so i know i had this post planned for Wednesday BUT i ended up not having the scan till Thursday evening and was working all day Friday which is why its late!
But I'm going to do my outfit first ..

As i am now a week away from being 7 months pregnant, nothing fits!!! :(
I know I'm still quite small for how far i am but seriously all my dresses are now like tops and I'm actually a little fed up of wearing leggings!
I wore this really simple outfit of Jeggings (New Look), black tank top (ASOS), Shoes (ASOS) and i wore this necklace (River Island) to add a little something to it. I threw a waterfall jacket over the top but forgot to picture!

On to the scan..

So i had my 3D scan booked for Tuesday evening which i was really excited about, i even got there early! But unfortunately baby was not in the mood for a scan, she settled herself for a sleep with the cord infront of her face and refused to move. I was sent out for a walk and fizzy drink and brang back in, she still wasn't having any of it. So i was sent out again to walk up and down the stairs and jump up and down (which isn't so easy anymore) completely wore myself out and she still hadn't moved stubborn little thing!
So anyway they rebooked for Thursday evening but thankfully she was in a better mood and was very well behaved! The scan was done as a 4D so she was moving and pulling faces the whole time and i bought 10 pictures which were froze from the scan, but I'll just show you one of her having a yawn..

I know its abit of a blur, coz they're froze i guess as the scan itself was much clearer.
She looks like her daddy and weighs 2 pounds!


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pretty Sandals

Hey Ladies!
Today is very exciting for me, I have a 3D scan booked for this evening! I cannot wait to see my little girl in 3D.. I'm planning to do a post on what happened/what i wore etc tomorrow.

As summer is on the way i thought I'd share these cute sandals i bought from River Island a few months ago, I haven't worn them out yet so hopefully the weather gets a little warmer so i can get a chance :)


Sunday, 20 March 2011

Pauls Boutique?

Hey Loves.
I love pauls boutique and own items from coats and jumpers to bags.
So as i was having a look at the new stock at ASOS i came across i few PB bags i loved.
Now i have a problem as i really love these two, normally i would just get both but with my little bubba on her way i feel i can't. Well i may snap up both but i just can't at once!
Anyway they're both £41 but which one?


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Dolly Bow Bow

Hey! I got this cute little necklace from my sister..

I'd showed her it as i thought it was really cute and really like their website. It came so cutely packed (as you can see) with cute little stars in the necklace bag.
Anyway check the site out if you think its cute, they do lots more.



With Flash

Without Flash

I love the colours of the nail paint nyc sell, the only downer is i tent to find it chips quite quickly (although a good top coat helps). As i have natural nails this colour seems to chip on them within a few days. If you do have nail extentions (i always recommend gel nails) as any nail paint it will last alot longer as the nails are alot thicker.


Thursday, 17 March 2011

NARS Limited Edition

This is top of my wishlist for this week.
NARS Limited Edition Tainted Love - £44. I love the NARS muti sticks and this one just looks gorgeous, plus you get the matching lip gloss and nail polish.


update + pregnancy news

Hey Everyone.
Sorry I havent posted in a while, i went to stay with my boyfriends family and have also become ill (which sucks when your pregnant coz you can't take nothing!). I haven't been doing much else other than working and getting all the baby bits ready, and stuffing my face with foood!

I'm 26 weeks pregnant on Saturday (6 and a half months).
Although I've had a tough pregnancy it seems like its flying by but i do have some news..
I have placenta previa (not sure if I've shared this before) which is basically a pregnancy complication which I'm not going to go into huge detail about, if you are interested theres plenty of imformation you can read up on the interent. So I've been told since month 4 that I'll most likely need a C Section (boo-whoo!). So i have a check-up scan at 34weeks to check if the placenta has moved but have now been told I'm likely to be having a C Section 3-4 weeks early. This means baby will probably be here in about 10weeks!

Scary yet exciting news. I'm sure she wont mind though as we spends most of her time pushing herself as far out of my sides as she can, think shes getting bored in there!


Monday, 7 March 2011

OOTD + Birthday Gifts

Hey Ladies!
This is actually abit of an old OOTD as you can see.. I'm not pregnant in these pictures & its nice weather! But i never posted this outfit and as i wont be able to fit into my jeans this summer thought I'd share it with you guys now, better late than never!
I LOVEE coloured jeans.

Jacket - Topshop
Tank Top - ASOS
Jeans - ASOS
Bag - Topshop
Shoes - Primark
Ring - ASOS
Earrings - Claires

I saw my family yesterday for my belated birthday party. I got lots of lovely presents and ofcourse lots of bits for the baby (still can't believe i'm 6 months pregnant already!).
Anyway just wanted to share this one with you as I've been going on about wanting a camera/video camera for when my little lady arrives, and it'll be useful for blogging! So i was a very happy girl when i unwrapped this ..

Video Camera & still camera in one.. and its PINKKK! (:
I've been playing round with it abit and can't wait to video my little ones very move haha


Saturday, 5 March 2011


Hey Guys
Sorry the picture quality isn't very good.

Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer
Benefit You Rebel Lite Tinted Moisturizer
Chanel 10 Concealer
Rimmel Pressed Powder
Elf Tickled Pink Blusher
Eylure Brow Pencil, Number 2
Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner
MAC Plush Lash Mascara
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
Revlon Matte, 001 Vintage Lace - Base Eyeshadow
Bourjois Les Naturels 53 Eye Shadow Trio
MAC Lip Primer
MAC Snob Lipstick


Marc B - £42


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Tiffany For My Birthday

Hey Honeys. Guess what? I'm 20!
I had a lovely little pile of presents from my parents when i woke up, and two lovely presents waiting for me from my boyfriend.
I'd had the worst nights sleep as my baby seemed to be having a private disco and my dog and cats were running around making noise all night so I'm having a very relaxed day in bed with dvds, food and hot chocolate, perfect!
Anyway, heres what my lovely boyfriend got me..

Looove it!

He was a little worried it wasn't going to be long enough for me but I love it at the length it is. He always gets me such lovely things, as you guys know he got me two LV bags for christmas. I think our little girl is going to be very spoiled by her daddy.
Enjoy the rest of your day!


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Smells + My Birthday

Okay so every girl loves perfume, right? I have a whole shelf full but most of them wouldn't bover purchasing again. So instead of posting a whole load of them i thought I'd share my all time favorites with you, the ones i get time and time again.
These are in order, from my top fave to my ... bottom fave? (:

Do you guys use any of these?

& onto birthdays..

I'm 20 tomorrow.

yay? Normally I'm excited in the coming weeks to my birthday and always plan something to do but this year I've been distracted by my growing bump and only realised yesterday that my birthday is tomorrow! I have the day off work and don't really plan on doing much else other than getting a rest! My family want to see me Sunday to celebrate so I'll just have to see if my boyfriend surprises me tomorrow!


Hello Kitty Brush Set

I love hello kitty and picked up this really cute brush set and holder at the weekend.
I already keep my most used brushes in my little bucket (pictured last) but wanted another holder for my other brushes that wont fit!

 (I thought the top pictures colouring was abit crappy, which is why there are 2 pictures!)

As you can see you get six brushes.
I haven't actually tried them out yet but the quality looks quite good and considering the whole set was £12.99, though i dont think I'll be using the big brush as it doesn't look so good but we'll see.