Monday, 31 January 2011


Hey Loves!
Hope everyones been doing good?
So heres the few things i got from Elf (only one thing i got was on sale!). I was really impressed with how fast it got here, i ordered it on wednesday night and it got here friday morning. Anyway i haven't pictured everything i got as i didn't really see the point and i will be doing reviews after using the products. So far i've only tried out the nail paint, which i love but will talk more about that on the review.

I bought ;

Nail Paint in Mint Cream on sale for £1
Foundation Fair in Porcelain for £3.50 
Blush in Peachy Keen & Tickled Pink £3.50 each
Pressed Powder in Porcelain for £3.50
Mineral Infused Face Primer for £6

I'm really excited to try this foundation out as i don't use foundation! I do however use powder which is why i choose to get a powder based foundation, so I'm hoping for good things!


Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Hey Ladies
For those of you that didn't know ELF have a sale on with products being up to 50% off!
You can pick up the mineral blemish kit (pictured) at £4.50 with 25% off! I haven't tried out this product as i but think it looks great. You can also pick up nail paints at £1.
Just thought I'd let you know :)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


My boyfriend is downstairs cooking me a lovely meal so i can put my feet up and do a little blogging ;)

So i saw Barry M's touch of magic lip paint on their website about a month or so ago.
I was thinking about buying it at first but have decided i will not be purchasing it as i have so many pink lippies and i although i like the idea of the never knowing colour, I'd like to have a ruff idea of what the colour will be like. I do love Barry M's lipsticks as they have a great range of colour at a nice price.

So the idea is its a green lipstick which turns pink! Its works on the alkali level of your lips. So the levels determine how pale or rich the colour will be. Barry M also say its a  waterproof formula with added Aloe Vera stays on for up to 8 hours. Priced at £4.49, will you be picking one up or have you already?


Friday, 21 January 2011



So i blogged my excitement about the maternity jeans I'd bought from ASOS which arrived almost 2 weeks ago. I was so pleased with them as they were just lovely, grey biker style skinnies. Anyway I'd bought a size 10 instead of 8 thinking i was being clever, but ofcourse maternity jeans are made to fit your body so i should of ordered a 8. So i said i was going to blog them when the size 8 replacement got there. Well I'm very sad as they are all sold out so they refunded me instead :'(!
Just wondered if any of you lovely ladies know of anywhere selling SKINNY maternity jeans. Of course i dont want to spend loads as I'm half way through the pregnancy already. I've had a look in Topshop and places but dont like any they stock. So any ideas I'd be very happy!

Onto H&M. I bought these wedges probably about 5 months ago and haven't worn them yet. I loved them when i saw them on the website and for £7 thought I'd be crazy not to get them. Since they arrived I've been really unsure if i like them or not and as I'd already taken the tags off and thrown them couldn't return. What do you guys think?


Lip Scrub Review LUSH

Firstly i just feel i should say a little sorry for neglecting you all.
I have been getting into nesting mode and haven't stop cleaning and trying to sort everything out. I know i still have almost 5 months till the baby gets here (or is due to) but i just want everything sorted. I've got the pram and cot (ordered ofcourse, its bad luck to bring a pram home so early before baby!) and lots of other bits. I'm 18weeks today so only 2 weeks till we know what we're having then the real shopping begins!

Anyway onto the review..

I've tried out quite a few different lip scrubs, or exfoliators as some are labeled.
I really liked Goodmorning Kiss POP (£10) which i blogged about a few months ago, only i did sometimes find for the colder, harsher weather I'd like something a little less 'gentle'.
This one by LUSH is.. Lush (: hehe, sorry! And the smell is so amazing I'd think about using it even if i hated it smelling that good! This product is by far the best i have used for my lips. It cost £5 and as you dont need to use much product i reckon it will last a while. I wouldn't scrub as hard as you would with others as it can be quite ruff.
This is defo recommened though. Anything i left out? Just ask :)


Friday, 14 January 2011


Without Flash
With Flash
 Hey Guys.

I have very mixed views on Barry M, but i really love their nail paints.
Barry M are probably my favorite brand for nail paints, they have a great range in lots of gorgeous colours and although i find they chip after about 5 days they are very easy to re-touch. This ones simply called Blue Glitter and i really love it! I don't think the pictures show how great it actually looks.. If you haven't already tried their nail paints i would ofcourse recommend you do and at only £2.99 why not.


Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Well my face is.
I'd seen a few beautiful girls post their bare faces for the sake of a tag. Atleast i think it was a tag? Anway i thought it was quite a good way for some girls to boost confidence and just pretty brave. Thought I'd give it a go..

So there it is, my naked face before bed. 
I REALLY hate it when girls post a picture of themselfs with the caption 'no makeup' when they clearly have makeup on. It is a personal choice whether you show your bare face or not but be real about it. I look ruff, i know but so bloody what?!

I always remember the first time my boyfriend saw me without makeup. We'd only been going out a day and i was freaking out! And he just said... but you look the same (:
It gave me a huge boost when he said that. Girls (and guys!) should be happy in their own skin, whatever it looks like. I love makeup and what it can create but i also love the fact i can now go out without makeup on and not give a damn. It makes life much easier.


Pregnancy Update

Hey Everyone.

I wasn't sure if i wanted to post this or not but decided i wanted to for a few different reasons. I am now 17weeks pregnant so in a week I'll be half way through the 9 months.
On monday evening i had some bleeding.
Bleeding can be quite common in pregnancy but should never be ignored. I'd seen my midwife the next before and she told me even a drop of blood should be seen to.
So i called the midwife helpline, i wont go into lots of detail but she thought it was nothing to worry about but i was to go to hospital if i bled again or had alot of pain.
So tuesday morning i was in pain (I've had bits of pain all through but its very normal). So my boyfriend took me to the hospital where they took blood and stuff.
They also did an emergency scan.. The baby is fine!
It was lovely seeing my baby again and seeing how much it has grown since month 3. Ofcourse i was just so happy to know my baby was fine, and was told it looks very happy.
It kept kicking its legs and waving its arms!

Then came the bad bit. I have AB- blood, which is the rarest in the world 1% of people have it. Great, so im screwed if i need blood!
Anyway.. All pregnant women with negative blood need an injection, again i'm not going to go into detail because it would take me a while to explain why!
So i was only spose to have this injection at 28weeks and after birth (with every baby i have) but because i'd bled had to have it then too.
OMG.. They stuck this huge needle into my side. Ahhh It hurt like hell.. honestly needles dont normally bother me but this was baddd.
Hopefully my boyfriend has negative blood too so I'll never need it again!

So I'm starting to feel better, I'm only sick once a day! Nice, bet you wanted to hear that!
But Im a very happy mama knowing my baby is doing well and growing big.
I have just over 3 weeks till i see my little one again (:!
Oh and as asked i will be doing a post on what I'm using for strech marks soon (although i've put on hardly any weight so far)

As for beauty..
I have a few reviews i want to get posted & a few things I want to share with you.
Just bare with me, pregnancy is taking its toll!


Lippy Day

I've been sorting all my lip products out and surprised myself with how much i threw out.
Lip products are one of my favorite things, i love lipsticks, glosses, scrubs etc..

My favortie lipsticks (above) will now live in a bag all of their own (:
Although my MAC lip products including lipsticks live in my everyday makeup bag as i use them all the time..
I love Chanel lipsticks, the texture is lovely and has never dried out my lips.

Lip gloss, balm more lipsticks & whatever else i just chuck into the makeup bag.
I use to really love lip gloss but now i much prefer lipsticks. Hate it when your hair gets stuck to glosses ew!


Sunday, 9 January 2011

The average woman would rather have beauty than brains..

..Because the average man can see better than he can think.

I'm not feeling well at all, my midwife told me the sickness would wear off at 14weeks. She lied. I'm 16weeks, and still ill! But whatever.
I was gonna show you guys the maternity jeans i got but they're wayyy too big on me so I'm gonna send them back and get a smaller size. Then i shall show..
Oh and we find out what we're having next month so the real shopping can begin!

I have some reviews i want to get posted but haven't bovered my lazy butt to take pictures yet.. hmm. I'm a mama to be i have a good excuse!! (: 
So for now i will be reading your blogs.. And posting later. 


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I was given this award by two lovely followers, Emma & AndrĂ©e
Thankyou both! & be sure to all check their blogs out.

The Rules.
1. Thank and link back who gave you the award 
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Answer 10 questions 
4. Pass it along to 7 beauty blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy
5. Leave your recipient a note telling them about the award 

7 things about me.
1. I am very excited yet slightly stressed about soon becoming a mum
2. I buy so many clothes/shoes half my stuff is unworn
3. My favorite thing in this world is a kitkat peanut butter, which they no longer sell :(
4. I named my cat yogurt
5. I prefer to stay at home with a film than go out and club in heels
6. I always cry when i watch Bambi
7. I hate coke and pizza

10 Questions.
1. Favorite Colour?
Pink! Then yellow.
2. Favorite place to shop?
In bed! I love going out to shop, but internet shopping is the best!
3. Favorite ever holiday?
I've loved all my holidays. I really enjoyed Spain with my friends and New York with my family. But favorite ever holidays were when i was little.
4. Favorite Food?
I love salt and pepper chicken from the chinese.
5. Why blog?
When i first made this blog i wasn't quite sure what i was going to do with it. But i love how involved all the followers are. Its nice theres no drama on blogger, just girls (and guys) supporting what eachother are doing.
6. Favorite Animal?
7. Favorite Film?
Theres so many! I love Just Like Heaven & disney films.
8. What colour is your room?
Its pink with a 'vintage' wallpaper show-wall.
9. Whats a great memory?
Being at the beach at night in spain.
10. Whats your favorite MAC item?
My MAC eyeshadow brush, i use all the time. I love it!

7 blogs I love reading & award this to.


December Favorites

Toni&Guy Daily Style Shampoo & Conditioner - I'd used these in the pink before but much prefer these two. They smell amazing and left my hair feeling clean, smooth, soft and shiny. I will defo be buying these again.

Nivea Hand Cream - I normally use Soap&Glory's hand cream but thought I'd try this one out at the start of the month. It was just under a fiver but soo worth it! I've never used a better hand cream, my hands get very dry in this weather and this really works wonders. I'd recommed this to anyone and everyone!

Topshop Wing Earrings - I know these aren't a beauty product but they are a december fave, they're just too cute.

Barry M Nail Effects - I love this for when i want a pattern on my nails but can't be bovered to do it myself. It looks great with bright bold colours.

MAC Plush Lash - My favorite mascara of the month, I just love how it opens my eyes up.
Its really good to build without giving the spider eyes look, so it can create a false lash look or a more natural look.

MAC Eyeshadow in Antiqued - I love brown eyeshadows and am in loveee with this one from MAC.

MAC Snob Lipstick - I've been living in this. Not much else to say, i think most people have tried this now or seen reviews.

MAC Primer - I do really like how this looks on my skin, it leaves it looking so smooth and flawless. Though you dont get much in the tube at all.

MAC Lip primer - My favorite of the whole list, and possibly all mac products.
I really love this to get my lips ready for my lipstick and as you use hardly any and theres so much its a laster!


Monday, 3 January 2011

January Sales

Normally i would buy tons in the sales and it wasn't just the fact im having a baby that stopped me spending loads this year, the sales were rubbish!
I picked up ONE thing for myself (the other being baby books on sale).
I don't know if it was partly down to the fact of me getting very hungry and tired and not wanting to push my way through the rails.
I did have a look through Miss Selfridge's webiste this morning and found their sale to be pretty good, only i was way too late and everything i liked was out of stock other than a few rings.
But anyway the one thing i did get for myself i am quite pleased with.
I got this from the Boots gift sale (they sell all their xmas gifts half price)

TONI&GUY Bag of goodies (I've already filled this bag it all came in with makeup!)
In the bag:

Daily Style Shampoo
Daily Style Conditioner
Firm Hold Hairspray
Protein Protection Mist
Boost-It Mousse
Texture Paste
Hair Brush
2 Hair Clips
Two Sided Mirror

And all for £20 (sale price)


Sunday, 2 January 2011


Hope everybody had a lovely christmas. My boyfriend bought me these beautiful LV bags which i'm pretty much in love with and i wont bore you with everything else i got from everyone but it was a great christmas.

I'm putting together my December favorites at the moment ready to post so hopefully I'll get the chance the post them tomorrow or Monday.

Pregnancy Update

Today i am 15weeks 1day, so in a week I'll be 4 months! I feel the baby move sometimes but its still very light flutters. My bumps not very big at all but i can fit into any of my jeans so have had to order a maternity pair from ASOS along with another pair of jeggings (which I'm living in) I'll do a post when they arrive.
I'm quite against buying lots of maternity wear as i feel its abit of a waste, even though the babys not due till June! Maybe I'll invest in a Belly Belt so i can wear all my jeans, or make my own?

Anyway.. Sorry for the short post BUT i will be back to posting soon
(all this baby shopping and midwife apps have taken up my time, not to mention I'm still working (: )