Friday, 29 April 2011


Hey Everyone
Just a small haul of a few bits i picked up on Wednesday evening.
I ordered this coat from River Islands website last week and i have fallen in love! It looks red in the picture but its actually pink, its was £15 in the sale (down from £80). I love the little chain label even though its upside down!
I did also order a maxi skirt which was on sale for £5 but returned it.

Wednesday i poped into River Island and only bought two things, I'm so proud of myself as i could spend so much money in there but am saving loads for my little one.
So i just bought this cute top, i love the necklace add-on and back detail (£21.99) and a pair of jeggings with zip detail (£19.99)

I also got this cute headband from New Look
I have way too much of these but i love them!


Monday, 25 April 2011

The Baby Post + Babys Name

So heres the big baby post! Of course i haven't pictured everything as she has wayyy too much stuff (and things like bottles you don't wanna see!) I haven't pictured her bouncers or swing as they aren't up yet but anyway theres lots of cuteness..
This post is picture heavy!

Her Name?
Its not offical yet BUT i think we are going to name her Amelia, Mia for short.

As she is going to be a summer baby she has loads of cute little dresses.
I got her this Hello Kitty wardrobe from Argos as we didn't have enough space for a proper wood one, but i love the fact it has two hanging rails and have managed to get most of her things hung up, with all the draws filled with bodysuits and more clothes in bags atm.


As you guys know i love maxi dresses and always seem to wear waistcoats with them.
So she has her very own to match!

Some of her books and toys



Some of her hats

Cot toys (the cot hasn't been delivered yet so things like the moblie are still boxed)

Draws stuffed with bodysuits

More toys and bits

Bath bits

I've still got some stuff at my nans house at the moment too.
I know she has alot but a girl can never have too much ..


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Strech Marks

Hey Ladies.
Hope your all having a relaxing easter sunday. I've been having lots of fun watching my boyfriend attempt to cut down 11 giant trees in our garden.

Onto the pregnancy.. I'm now 8 months pregnant and getting very big (as you can see) and very slow. Theres not much i can do at the moment, amazingly i am still working (i need all the moola before baby gets here)! I have everything sorted now, and she has SO many clothes. Let me know if you guys want to see any of that stuff, i didn't want to overload this with baby related stuff!

Anyway, strech marks! I've been asked by quite alot of people about this and what i am using, I haven't actually got any strech marks.. yet. I have been using Pamers strech mark cream from about 4 months (though I've been really bad about remembering to use it, I'm alot better now i'm getting bigger). I'm also using Re-Gen Cream which specialises in strech marks, scars, dry skin and blemished skin. Both I picked up in Asda, they can be bought in supermarkets or boots/superdrug i'm sure you guys know.

Thats about it!
I have been really wanting to get some make up tutorial type posts up but i just haven't really been bovering with makeup lately with the heat and everything. Bare with me pregnancy is hard! (:


Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Black Suede Wedge Ankle Boot, was £59.99 now £15.

I forgot to add to my wishlist post that River Island currently have a sale on.
I bought a few bits which I'll post when they arrive. Love these wedges though and what a great sale price


River Island Wishlist

Green Grecian Shift Dress - £59.99
Brown Print Heart Glasses - £12.99
Cream Corsage Ribbon Hairband - £6.99
Cream Print Strappy Frill Playsuit - £34.99
White Cardigan £32.99


Saturday, 16 April 2011


So where do i start with my hair? Growing up i hated it as i have red hair and always wanted to dye it. Although i have dyed my hair and plan on doing it again i actually love my hair colour now. I'd always had really long hair and decided to get it cut quite short a few years ago which ended in me wearing clip-in extentions before moving on to glue-ins.
I was really lucky to have a fantasic hairdresser who always did hair for Pixie Lott, Beyonce, Kate Moss among many more. Although my hair looked great it cost a fourtune so i am now very happy I've got my hair back to the length i want it. My hair is naturally curly, which i love as i get very bored of straight hair.. but i love it most wavy!

My natural hair (straightened out fringe)

I'm still trying to get my hair abit longer so I've been using the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment. I really like this product as it keeps my hair in lovely condition and it smells great. My only complaint would be the price as its over £7 and considering you need to use an egg sized amount (the pot is quite small) it doesn't last too long.

I use Polytar shampoo everytime i wash my hair as i get Eczema on my scalp which can resort in white sprinkles (dandruff looking) this just treats it so keeps all that at bay. I always use another shampoo after using this one though as it smells awful.

I use different shampoos and conditioners (always a set) everytime i wash my hair so my hair doesn't get too use to the same products or they don't seem to work so well. At the moment I'm using these Herbal Essences ones, they leave my hair soft and shiny and smell lovely. I'm also using Toni&Guy and Loreal.

After shampoo-ing i blend this in with the other conditioner and leave on for 5-10mins.
I couldn't live without these restoring conditioners!

And if i am going to straigthen my hair i use Toni&Guys' heat protection spray.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Boots, Superdrug & Melody Maison

Hey everyone, I haven't had the best of weeks and i know i still haven't put up the pictures of my room update but thats because it not actaully finished!
I went to get a few more baby bits in the week & poped into superdrug as I'd ran out of my GOSH primer so needed a new one. My boyfriend managed to break my toe on the way to the shops, a mistake ofcourse but wow it hurt! So i hobbled all the way to Superdrug and Barry M caught my eye as i love their nail paints. So looking through the colours i dropped one, it smashed all over superdrugs floor and all up my maxi dress! Luckly i think the sales woman felt sorry for me as they didn't charge me for it and even gave me a free pack of nail paint remover pads and a pack of wipes to clean myself with! To top of my 'lovely' week i was sent to the hospital this morning to have more injections in my back. But anyway onto the buys..

I've been using this primer for about 2 and a half years now. I love it although it does seem to keep going up in price which annoys me abit. I've tried out other primers, which i'm going to do a post on but i always seem to come back to this one as even though its not the cheapest i do think its the best vaule.


I got this two-way eye shadow free with the mascara (in a different colour)

Melody Maison.

I love Melody Maison, check out their website for the cutest things!

I will be posting reviews after using the products.


Monday, 4 April 2011

What I Miss?

I miss my jeans!
Jeans are my favorite item on clothing. I can't wait till my pregnancy is over and i can start wearing them all again. I was gonna do a blog post TAG of 5 things i miss but am being kicked very hard for food so I'm gonna have to leave it at my number one miss!
Sorry guys.. you can do the tag properly (:


Primark Haul

Hey Everyone!
I've been really busy this past week with decorating my bedroom and getting all the last baby bits ready for her arrival. I'm going to be taking some pictures and posting my room update by tomorrow! I poped into Primark the middle of last week to get a few maxi dresses for summer as I'm getting bigger now and none of my clothes fit very well. They had some really cute dresses in there but i hated them once i tried them on. They were a little bit like ankle swingers, which was probably because i have this big bump pulling everything up and of course like alot of pregnant women i just felt big and frumpy. So i didn't buy any! But anyway i got a few basic bits for my boyfriend (socks, tshirts etc..) and some bits for the baby, so theres not as much to show as it seems from the two big bags but here goes..

Love this ring!

I couldn't decide if i should get these or not but i did decide in my pregnancy state these were way too comfy to leave behind!

I love primarks wipes so picked up some more as they're still on 2 for 1