Saturday, 30 July 2011

Forever 21.

Forever 21 opened up in Oxford Street just a few days ago and i am so excited!
I know it has been open in Birmingham and a few other places for a while now but i hadn't managed to go. I first heard about the store a few years ago when it wasn't around in the UK and never orderd offline as I'd once before ordered clothes from America and the custom charges were so high.

I haven't yet been to the store itself but did order a playsuit/romper from their website as they now ship in the UK. I just loved the bright colours and button detail, i had to get a size M as thats all they had in stock but was probably better for me as im big busted and the waist and back is strechy so its actually quite a nice fit.


Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I deleted mine about two years ago and just signed up again.
But of course i lost all my followers.. So whos on ?


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Recent Purchases

Picture heavy post of recent purchases.
I can't remember all prices, sorry.

I've never worked out in my life but after having a baby, even though I'm back to my old weight i want to tone up abit .. wish me luck (:

£1 Primark Bracelets

And ofcourse lots of baby bits, just thought I'd show you the bikini!


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Animal Testing

If like me you are an animal lover and are against animal testing head over to Vintage Makeup's blog post to find out which companies to aviod as they are still animal testing
(and don't forget to follow while your there!)


RIP Amy Winehouse


Some people were shocked to hear the news Amy Winehouse had died and some people had been expecting it but whatever your reaction it really is a great loss.
It really made me sad to see so many nasty comments and jokes about the singers death. Yes we all know she had taken drugs and had a drink problem but is that really a good enough reason to show such disrespect for someones life? She was someones daughter and friend who never did anything to harm anybody other than herself so whatever your opinion it is very sad news.

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Hey Ladies.
For the first time in a very long time i actually did my makeup! I'd been doing a simple Mascara, Blusher & Lippy combo for months as i just CBA. I decided to leave my hair natural too as it was a rainy day so they rain would only curl it if it was straight. Me and Luke took Amelia to a summer fair, we didn't stay so long but it was nice and as usual she got loads of attention and aww's.

Not much else going on other than my mother duties right now.
Recent pruchases post up soon.


Sunday, 17 July 2011

OOTD Ft Amelia

I'd like to apologize in advance for the crap outfit photo. I ofcourse used my phone to take it so its not the best, I'm not sure if my camera has a timer on it and as i take my own photos i need one.. or pictures turn out like the one below with my arm at an angle.

Anyway, heres mine and Mias White Dresses OOTD post. She of course looks better than me ;P


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Herbal Essences 'Its A Curl Thing' Review

Yes i look silly, Yes i have no makeup on. But so what, its a hair post ;P
I have naturally curly hair so sometimes like to use hair products specially for this so purchased the Herbal Essences its a curl thing as (like i posted before) i love the pink straight ones they do...

I've now used this twice to give a fair review and am actually quite disappointed with it to be honest. The bottle says french lavender & jade plant extracts, some may love it but i hate this smell of this. Its not so bad once my hair is dry but coming out of the bottle i really dislike it, it doesn't really smell much like lavender to me.

I also found that my curls look nicer with different products! To be fair my hair is in need of a good trim and a few layers at the moment so it would probably fall better after that.

Also, has anyone grown out a side fringe before? I've been trying and its taking agesssss.


Tuesday, 12 July 2011


If you love Republic like i do you'll love this..


Standard UK Delivery 1p
£5 off when you spend £35
£10 off when you spend £45
£15 off when you spend £55


Monday, 11 July 2011

This Months Favorite Nail Paints

Rimmel London PRO In Peppermint
I Love these kinds of colours and find this one is so easy to mantain as it doesn't chip too fast which is great for me as a mummy to a newborn!

ME ME ME Long Lasting Gloss In Loyal
I really liked this on my nails it looked gorgeous and a little like nail stickers (i know the picture isn't the best to show this) the only thing was as it is called long lasting i would of liked it to last a little longer than it did.


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Life Changes

So i don't really get much time to do anything other than being a mum at the moment, which is fine but i do miss blogging and reading blogs. I'm really hoping to get some reviews posted next week though.. fingers crossed!

So we're 17 days old today and growing fast. Shes still so tiny hardly any of her clothes fit her.. even the newborn stuff! I still can't believe how fast its going by. Just a few of the 1000s of pictures i take of her daily..

Her little feet make me smileee


Monday, 4 July 2011

Hair Dye + Pregnancy Weight Loss

Hey Everyone.
I'd been dying to dye my hair for agess but couldn't while i was pregnant so was very happy a few nights ago when it could finally be done! I picked this one up, its actually gone abit purple on my hair but i like it, though i am going to use a normal shampoo to fade it out a little. Sorry the pictures aren't the best.

I did plan on doing weight loss updates but have already loss most of the weight i gained during my pregnancy. I guess this is because i didn't really gain too much other than my baby bump but thought i'd post an update pic anyway..
(picture taken 9 days after birth)

And ofcourse just a little update picture of my princess. Shes 11 days old today, i can't believe shes almost 2 weeks old! It has gone so fast and my life has become so busy but so much more enjoyable, and tiring (: