Monday, 21 January 2013

Adee Phelan Hair Stripper - Review

Ok so as some of you know I have naturally red hair which I never used to dye. After having my daughter 19 months ago I dyed my hair a dark purple which I wasn't too keen on and my roots were awful. Last year summer I did my hair Ombre (pictured below) which I loved but got bored of after a few months so brought a 'Iced Coffee' colour which I think was Garnier which was really dark so my efforts to lighten it up with lighter dyes of course didn't work.

My Ombre Hair

Before stripping, christmas day.


  I decided to lighten my hair up again the best thing to do would be to strip it. After having a look around I came across Adee Phelan Hair Colour Remover for Dark Tones They also do the same stripper for lighter tones. I ordered this one from Boots online, it wasn't the cheapest or most expensive but thought it sounded just like what I wanted, and at £14.95 I didn't think it was overpriced. 
''Adee Phelan Hair Colour Remover for Dark Tones removes hair colour simply, kindly and completely, from Adee Phelan, award winning hair stylist and unique hair fashion innovator. For you to use at home'' 
 What Adee Phelan Hair Colour Remover for Dark Tones does…. 

•This Dark Tones formula will remove darker shades of permanent and semi-permanent hair colourants and colour build-up, along with previous hair colour along with all the ingredients of hair colour that can damage or over-dry your hair as excess build-up of conditioner, styling products and serum etc. It’s the ultimate detox in a box.
•There’s no bleach or ammonia it simply reverses the hair colouring process to help get you back to your previous shade.
• It even helps to strengthen your hair as its unique formula contains extract of pearl.
When and why to use Adee Phelan Hair Colour Remover for Dark Tones……
• Use it every third time your colour to prevent coloured hair over-drying and to ensure you get the best results from your next hair colour. You get safe, predictable and more vibrant hair colour when the colour is applied to colour-free hair.
• You can now colour with confidence. If you don’t like your new colour, you can simply remove it and then you can try a new colour and if you don’t like it, remove it and start again.
• Whether you want to change your colour because you’re tired of it, or if you’ve had a colouring disaster, here’s your answer. Use it as often as you like and as often as you need.
Each box contains the full 3 part product regime - Activator, Remover and Buffer, along with a pair of latex gloves and full, detailed usage instructions. 

 The bottles you get are really small so I was definitely surprised by the amount of product you actually get in each one. It stated on the box two boxes are recommended for longer hair which I hadn't seen mentioned on Boot's website but two boxes were not required at all, in fact I was getting a little bored of trying to use up all the product in the end which isn't something to moan about really, it's much worse to run out of product before finishing the job. I did read the instructions very carefully and re-read every step throughout once I got to it. I also watched the online video which it recommends you watch before starting which was a compete waste of time and is a step that can be skipped. The remover was really easy to put on, it needs to stay on for roughly 30-60mins depending on length and colour. I left the remover on for the 60 minutes so simply wrapped a towel around my shoulders whilst applying in my bedroom, no mess! I wrapped my hair up in cling film once it was all on and put a shower cap on, the product itself wasn't uncomfortable but it smelt of rotten eggs really bad so I was looking forward to getting my hair washed. You have to rinse your hair with just clean water for a whole ten minutes once it's ready to come off, it's really important to do the whole rinsing time too so no skipping a few minutes then you use the buffer. After I had done everything my hair felt really dry but as I was planning on dying it the next day I didn't worry too much. So the next day I put some Carrot Oil into my hair forgetting I needed dry hair to dye, opps! So my hair was washed that morning, dyed that afternoon and washed again after dying. My hair looked lovely, no longer dry, shiny and really healthy looking but the one big issue was I could still smell that awful smell! Nobody else could really smell it and it couldn't be smelt by smelling my hair but I got a whiff every now and then and when I brushed or combed my hair which made me think the smell was on my scalp. The smell didn't last too long, about a day I think, but it was awful while I could smell it. 
All in all I would recommend this product to someone who wants to strip their hair without causing any damage or ending up with really dry hair and it's a cheaper option to having it done at a salon. I was happy with the product but am unsure if I would use again or try something else just due to the smell.