Monday, 28 June 2010

Quick Post.

Hey Lovelys.. Okay so i know i havent been blogging too much because i've been sooo busy! So im going on holiday with my friends (spain) in just over a week, and have loads to do + my boyfriends been staying at mine so i haven't done any of it.. Ahh! But i will be posting before i go away (:
So leave me lots of love and i'll get back when i can

Sunday, 20 June 2010


I wore these leggings when Me & Emma went to London Zoo. I've had them for ages but don't wear them very often cause they are way too big for me (even though they're a size small.. weird eh?). Anyway some guy really liked them, apparently they're 'interesting' .. Well i guess they kinda are? =/ .....
As my boyfriends gone home for a little while i took the opportunity to sort out my room. And finally sorted out my wardrobe which took 4 and a half hours! I got rid of loads but theres a few things I'm not sure weather to keep or chuck. I'm gonna get some pictures of those and post them so you lovelies can tell me what you think



Saturday, 19 June 2010

Look What I Bought..

ASOS! I've been shopping on their website for about 2years (if not longer). I love their massive range of items! So heres some stuff i bought (i also bought 2 By Caprice Bikinis. (sorry about the writting i dont know why its underlined!)

Square Scarf

I got this bag in white


Animal Print Mac
Knitted Dress
I got these for £30 but they are now £12! They have most sizes left so go get a pair! They are really comfy because the heel isn't too high.
These i got for £80. They are now in the sale i cant actually think of the price now but i loveee these things!! And they go with everything
This was £110 but so worth it! The leather is SO soft

Waist belt. Ties up at the back (picture above)

I got this in a Mint Green colour
This dress it so cute, i love the lace back. Its pale pink

Heart Jumper

Avoid getting zit faced Cleanser

Friday, 18 June 2010

So i was gonna post the video here but couldnt get the embeded code for the HD ..
^^ Click on the link to watch in HD ^^
I love this.

Little Beauty

This vintage Chanel tote bag with a matching purse is just beautiful. Im not too keen on the purse but i love the bag and the colour (beige) is lovely.

  • Leather tote bag
  • Quilted style with chanel logo
  • Long length double chain strap

And it can be yours for £2,498.00


Plastic Nipples...

Are now on sale at Selfridges so you too can achieve the Jennifer Aniston look..
Strange huh?

My Goodies

I went and did abit of shopping at a local shopping park near my house on Saturday
Picture from TKMAX
Necklace, playsuit and top from River Island i also got the cutest dress from R.I which i cant find a picture of on the website.. Anyway so i went into New Look and bought a really cute dress, its white and ruffles with pined on flowers (so cute) while i was in there i saw these black heels which have 6 straps and they're peep toe, didnt get them coz i thought i have enough black heels.. dragged the boyfriend back there on Monday so i could get 'em (:
(Also went shopping to Oxford Street last weekend got some Chanel & NARS and bits i'll post in another post)