Tuesday, 31 January 2012

#005 Wishlist

Miss Selfridge Shirt Body - Delicious Couture Guns Jumper - Kate Kanzier Skull Shoes - ASOS Anchor Earrings.

I love shirts.. checked boyfriend style, cute pussybow or animal print collars. I just think they're so cute and can make a simple outfit with a pair of jeans look a little more pulled together. This one from Miss Selfridge is great with the body as it tucks in perfectly. It's a perfect day to night top as it can be dressed down with flats and dressed up with a heel.

I've been lusting after this Delicious Couture jumper for the past few weeks, they've only just restocked. Jumpers are just something every girl needs. Worn in the winter under your coat to keep you warm or in the summer with a pair of shorts. I think this one is really cute with its design and I love the fact its chorcal in colour, not black!

I love Kate Kanzier for flat shoes. I already own three pairs and they are just such great quality, and not too expensive. I even love the boxes they come in and still have all three of mine tucked away safely in theirs. You can never go wrong with a pair o flat blacks, the skull design on these just give them a little more.. cute!

I'm a massive fan of earrings. Weather they are big and gorgeous, sometimes a little tacky! Or small and bearly noticeable. I'm normally a sliver girl over gold but I really love these. Just so cute but still simple and not too OTT.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Botanics Review; Skin Care

I've tried almost everything you could think of on my skin, from olive oil to exfoliating facemasks. I'm always looking for a new skin care routine which suits my skin, something I can stick to. So I was browsing the products in Boots the other week and came across the Botanics cleanser. I really wanted a new cleanser and after having a read of the label thought I'd give this one a go. Then I noticed the toner and night cream next to it, I don't always buy products as a whole as sometimes mixing different makes is perfect but as I wanted to buy a toner and cream also I thought I'd buy the set. 

Cleansing Mousse - Sensitive/Oily. 
What it says: This gentle, soap free wash sweeps away impurities and make-up without over drying. Leaves skin looking healthy and radiant. Sweet Gale, antibacterial essential oil to purify the skin and fight bacteria associated with spots and blemishes. 

Rosewater Toner.
What it says: Refresh and remove last traces of make-up and grime with this gentle toner. Organic damask rosewater naturally cleanses without drying, leaving skin smooth, supple and toned. 

Nourishing Night Cream - Mature
What it says: Murumuru butter moisturies and softens. 

I'd never used a cleanser in mousse form before so found this quite interesting. 
Over all I've found this products really good. I have to be honest and say that I don't have the most perfect skin (but I didn't expect to) though my skin has been looking and feeling alot better since using these products. I've been using them for about three weeks now, every night. I know alot of people will cleanse and tone morning and night but I'm being very careful not to over-clean my skin. The night cream does say it is for mature skin but although I don't have this skin type (yet!) it doesn't really make a different. I was starting to get a few very dry areas on my skin due to the weather so everynight I make sure I take extra care of those areas and they are so much better now! 

I can't remember the prices of the products, I think the night cream was about £7 so they're not the cheapest but not too expensive and I still have well over half of all the products, of course you're going to have less if you use twice a day.
If you do suffer from dry skin you really need to try out this cream for before bed!  

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


These are the only thing on my wishlist at the moment.

I can't wait to get me hands on some of these all ready for the summer! I'm thinking about buying some studs and bits and doing a bit of clothings DIY myself, maybe even a little tie dying or bleaching. 

 How horrible is this weather? I've been so ill and all this rain is so depressing, I so can't wait till the summer. On a brighter note my little Amelia was seven months old yesterday! Anyone who has kids will know what I mean when I say I don't how she's growing up so fast, I have so many mixed feelings abit it all!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

# 318

We all know how much I love Barry M's nail paints. Cheap, great quality and loads to choose from. I picked up a few more just before christmas.. Peach Melba, Red Glitter, Lilac Foil, Strawberry Ice Cream, Blue Moon and Hologram.

I haven't got about to trying all these out yet, but I have good reason! I hate chipped nails, with a passion. So I use to be constently re painting my nails which was fine but once you have a baby it becomes a little more difficult. I don't have much time to paint them and more importantly let them dry. So just before christmas I went to the salon and got a full set of gel nails, yay. These are so much easier with a baby because the false nail is so much thicker than a natural nail the polish doesn't chip so it could last for like a whole month, probably longer if you wanted it to. I do still want to re paint my nails as I do get bored of the colour they are but its great not having to. I'm unsure of how long I want to keep these on now but mine do need refilling at the moment which you will see, although in person they don't look half as bad as they do it the picture.

Another nail polish added to my favorites from Barry M.
I just love this colour, I can't really comment on the chipping as I said.
I find nail polishes usually last depending on what you do day to day, like if your doing the dishes everyday your polish is going to chip alot quicker than someone who doesn't do any. So I think its quite hard to advise people on what chips and what doesn't anyway..

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

On The Move

I think you are all aware I have a six month old daughter, Amelia.
I know you ladies love her updates, I guess us girls are suckers when it comes to babies. Well I know I haven't done a monthly update since month four or five? So thought I'd do a little update now while she's sleeping (yay) and I have some free time.

As I said in a recent post Amelia is now crawling. Shes not long started so isn't very good at it yet but she gets around, just a little slower than older babies. I can't leave her for two seconds and if I so much as take my eyes off her just for a few seconds? This happens..

I don't know why crawling under the play mat she was laying on was such fun but at least it kept her quiet for a little while. Apparently crawling underneath play mats is great fun and I'm pretty sure shes classing it as her new 'trick'. See how pleased with herself she is?

She is a very loving, social baby who wants attention always
Now you might think that sounds so sweet and how could anyone complain about this, but you obviously don't have any kids yet! It is lovely yes, and its nice to know she loves us as much as we love her but sometimes it can be a little (a lot) draining. When you also have to wash her clothes, put her clothes away, feed her, bath her, dress her, wash bottles and bowls, make up bottles etc.. AND everything you need to do for yourself too. 

So it now sounds as if I'm moaning, which I'm not. 
All I'm saying is when I was pregnant I knew having a baby would be hard work but it didn't cross my mind all the little things like brushing your teeth in the morning would turn into such a hard thing to do!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lets Get Naked... Again

Remember when the UD NAKED palette first hit the shops?
I was one of the many people trying to buy it but finding it was sold out everywhere! So how could we expect any less for NAKED 2. Okay so I haven't looked everywhere as I'm not dying for it (as I was for the original) but so far where I have looked it is of course sold out, no surprises there then.
Its pretty much the same as the first palette, I guess with it being a 'naked' palette theres only so many colours they can include. You'll get a Lip Junkie lipgloss with this palette, mini of course.
Do you have the new naked palette yet or are you having no such luck?

I love my naked palette but aren't too keen on the brush.
My favorite shades are Sin, Toasted, Hustle and Buck.

What are your faves?