Friday, 24 December 2010

Its Christmas (eve!) & Barry m

Its christmas eve.. yaaay
Doesn't the tree outside my house look like a giant christmas tree in the snow!?
I will probably be spending the next few days stuffing my face and watching tv with my family. So in advance, i hope you all have a lovely christmas!

Oh and i got these few bits from Barry M..

 From Left
Once upon a time, Blue glitter, Neon pink, Instand nail effects

Glitter Shaker Pot in White/Lilac Mix

 Lip Crayon in Ballet Pink

So I'd been meaning to try out the nail effects for a while as i can't always be bovered to do my own patterns. I am quite impressed with the product though, and its not expensive at all. I tried it out with neon pink.


Saturday, 18 December 2010


Hey Ladies.
Hope everyones doing good & enjoying the snow?
Me, my boyfriend and my sister made a very pathetic looking snowman this morning. I am actually loving the snow at the moment as i don't have work until tuesday so don't need to go out unless i want to. So I've been sat in the warmth eating a massive bag of Haribo :)
I have a few things i want to get posted, but i probably wont be posting much until after christmas (only 6 days! yay). I'll be excited to see whats waiting under the tree for me, and if anything beats the Chanel bag i got last year.

My Nails This Week..

I've been wearing N'7s Milan on my nails for the past week.
 I got this colour back in March & i still love it. Its so glittery and the colour is just gorgeous.


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Post You HAVE To Read. Please?

Hey Girls. 
I've been looking for a new camera for a while now and still haven't found one i want.
Since i am now pregnant i think i might like a video camera (which also takes great pictures). I want to be able to capture my babys first everything in great quality so i'm really not looking for the cheapest i can find. I also wanted a pink one, although its not a must. I kept going back to the Diana F (pictured) because of how cute it is, but i don't think i really want it.

Anyway, as most of you have blogs and take lots of lovely pictures. Most of you have cameras! So let me know what you think, what you own, friends own, you've used, or even just like. Anything to help me find the perfect camera in time for my babys arrival!

Thanks honeys

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Topshop + Update

Hey Guys.
I feel like i have so much going on at the moment i dont have time to blog!
Firstly, I had my very first scan on monday. It was amazing, and the baby is doing really well. It even starting jumping up and down and waving its arms around! So im a very happy girl right now..

Secondly, I have been meaning to get myself some Topshop makeup for months now and still haven't gotten round to it. I've seen a few liners and eyeshadows i really like, but wonder if the makeup is all its cracked up to be. If you have tried any let me know what you like of it, should i give it a go?
I've been really loving some of Topshops stock at the moment, the have some really cute things in. I really love this cute vanity case and do need somewhere to store my makeup as i have loads everywhere!

You can view it on Topshops website here

I also just wanted to share these cute little booties my sisters friend gave me and my boyfriend for the baby (She bought them for her little girl, who never wore them). We wont know what we're having until feb so at least they're brown!  


Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Snow Arrived..

I've been freezing in this London snow! But its really got me in a constant christmas mood, love it! I've even been wrapping some presents already haha..

I haven't really got too much news to tell tbh. I haven't really been shopping as im trying to save alot for the baby.. And i have my first scan on monday (I'll be 3 months)
Other than that theres not much to tell!
I'll try to get some posts together for the end of this week or next week


Friday, 26 November 2010

Baby Bump

Hey Everyone
Just wanted to share this picture i took last night of my baby bump!
Everyone keeps telling me how little it still is.. i think its really big tbh haha ..
I have my 12 week scan in just over a week so i get to see and hear my baby for the first time, yay. I bet i cry haha.

I've been feeling very christmasy lately, i just love this time of year.
Only 29 days but i just wish it would hurry up and get here.. and next year? I'll have a 6 month old!


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Makeup Brushes Storage

Hey Guys
So i've seen alot of girls not knowing where to store their brushes and sometimes ruin them by stuffing them into makeup bags, so i thought i'd just do a little post on where i store mine. Okay so these are just my 'most used' brushes (which need washing in the pic opps haha). All the others are stored away as i dont use them so much.
So i got this little bucket from a shop near Covent Garden (where i bought my bracelet storage sign) they sell loads of cute unusal things in there so i love it!
Anyway.. i also bought the 'coloured sand' i think it was called in there. As you will see its not sand but is great as it keeps the brushes upright and doesnt scratch them.

And just a quick update..

I PASSED all my makeup exams! Yay!
I do plan to do some makeup looks but as i've had such bad sickness with the pregnancy (im at 10 weeks now so almost 3months!) im not bothering with makeup atm so once im feeling abit better i'll be posting some, along with everything else random i like to post (:


Saturday, 20 November 2010


Hey Lovelies!
I've been really crappy at blogging lately, this pregnancy is taking its toll. Hopefully the sickness will wear off soon and I'll be back to normality!
Anyway.. I've always loved cute sparkly phonecases but the clips have always seemed to break off. I saw these which had the clips in different places to the ones I've had AND the clips are so strong! Just thought I'd share these little cuties with you..

This ones not as pink as the flash makes it, its more of a baby pink and is covered in glitter


Friday, 12 November 2010

I Love Rimmel & Elf Review

Just like the cute little Rimmel bottles say, I LOVE RIMMEL!
Rimmel has been my favorite for nail paints for years now, Im not too fussed with brands like OPI. Rimmel has such a great range of products, from nail care polish to colours at affordable prices. And the range of colours is huge!
(pictures of the polish i have left)

I wouldn't say i love NYC but i do really like it. I only have these four left, my favorites (:
I love the pale pink one they do.. it looks great on though chips within a few days.

I first saw this range in the market (whitechapel) and really liked one of the pinks so tried it out, and i loved it. I then found them again in Brick Lane and brought a few more (i only really like the pinks in this range). I haven't actually ever seen these in shops so i dont really know where else you can get them other than markets.

Sinful is my must have. I HAVE to use this if im doing a french tip. Just use a little all over the nail and its a really lovely pale pink matte finish, I wouldn't use this on its on though.

Other nail paints which aren't used too much i just throw into this box..

I go through nail paints really quickly coz im always painting my nails different colours.

Elf Nail Paint In Lilac
When this first arrived i have to admit i was disappointed.
I didn't think it looked the same colour as on the website and thought it just looked quite dark and dull. BUT.. After trying it out, i love it!
Its a very different colour on the nail than it is in the bottle. I did two coats which dried quickly and left a lovely pale purple. I've had it on about 3 days now and no chips so far..
Excuse the messy nails in the picture, i do that most of the time and clean the mess when its dry.


Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Hey Ladies.
Hope everyones doing well. I've had the worst sickness and cant eat a thing. My doctors told me aslong as im drinking alot of juices the baby will be fine without food.. for now, but if it carries on i will have to go to hospital to be put on a drip. So fingers crossed i can start eating again soon! I haven't been able to eat for days now so im feeling very weak.
My parcel from Elf managed to cheer me up a little this morning though ;)
Excuse the dog hairs in the pics, he just lays everywhere..
Im not writing any prices as i just looked and everything i got was £1.50!
I really like Elf, i think they have great products at low prices. The only thing i would i dislike about them is i do think some of their products are very different colours to the colours they're shown as on the website. I've put the colours of two products (end two) from the website underneath the actual product itself. Let me know what you think. 

Nail Polish in Lilac

Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Black Bandit

Conditioning Lip Balm in Orange Creme

(sorry about the flash)
Conditioning Lip Balm in Blackberry Creme

Left to Right
Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips
Liquid Lipstick in Rasberry
Lip Gloss in Blossom

Lip Gloss in Berry Pop


Friday, 5 November 2010

I Want One!

As some of you know, i am pregnant. And although i still have a long way to go (pregnancy takes too long!) I really want a bear suit! I was going to buy one the other day but it was too boyish, and as we dont know what we're having yet i couldn't get it.
My boyfriend really wants a boy. I've had a look at the girls clothes and they're just so cute to dress! Little pink tutu dresses :) But to be honest i really dont mind what we have.

Haha just thought i'd share my secret snap of my boyfriend with you


Whats In My Makeup Bag?

So i've finally got around to doing a 'Whats In My Makeup Bag' which i've been wanting to do for a while now.
Okay so.. I have different makeup bags (and drawers!) for different things. I thought i'd do my everyday makeup bag, which is basically my all time favorites and what i normally would use on a daily basis (not everything pictured is used everyday). I've tried to keep the pictures as little as possible but it is quite picture heavy.
Ofcourse as i've said i use all these product ALOT so i would recommed each and every one, Enjoy.

Benefit High Beam.
I use alot of these Benefit products, I love this one as it is a highlighter which can be used pretty much anywhere you want.

Benefit Miss Popularity. 
This has lasted me ages! Again a highlighting product, i love to use this on my brow bone.

NARS Multiple Tint
I love this colour, it really suits my skin colour.
Used as a blusher or lip stain.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
As i've said before, i dont use foundation. As i've got quite oily skin (spesh now im pregnant, did you now your skin produces way more oil while your pregnant which causes spots?) I like to use this on my face.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
I love this stuff. I use to use benefits F.Y.EYE? Its called something like that.
But it was really hard getting it out at the bottom. I just use this one now

Mascara! Okay the thing with mascara is i find myself always changing what im using, i dont know if you guys find the same? It seems to work better that way. Its like if you wash your hair with the same shampoo all the time, your hair gets use to it so stops looking so good. But if you mix it up, it works better. I think you get it?
Anyway these two are in my makeup bag atm..
GOSH Lenghtin Build, which i love
Too faced Lash Injection, which i could love more

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush
I really like this stuff. Its so easy to put on and just looks great
I think im going to have a look at the other colours they do this in too

Concealers im doing together..
I use Chanel for under my eyes mostly and then just MAC on my face.

Soap & Glory Bright Here Bright Now
I dont use this that much but i do really like it on my face as it gives you a really nice glow.

Eylure Brow Pencil & Tamer
I use shade 2 which is Medium brunette to dark blonde. Im actually a natural red head but this works really well for me. So if you see a colour you really like will suit you dont be put off with what the label says, although do take it into account.

Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner
I live in this stuff. I use to use eyeliner on my bottom line when i was abit younger but haven't for years, i use put it above my lash line. I've always used this one for it. Though im more likely to use a pencil to do the bottom

Bourjois Trio eyeshadow
I love these colours, they go great together, alone or mixed with other things.

N'7 Eyeshadow 
I usually use this one to shade up to my brow

Benefit Tinted Moisturiser
I dont use this everyday like i use to but i much prefer it to anything heavy.

Oh and guys i dont know why the picture didn't upload but i swear by GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer. You can get this in different colours, i love the clear white one.
I've been using it for almost 2 years now and always put it on before any of my other makeup. If you haven't tried it this is the product i'd most recommed over all the others. It makes your skin feel and look amazingly flawless. Try it out!