Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Alternative Fashion Week...

..Is back! Wooo.. I wasnt sure if i wanted to model in it again this year because im working with designers (and dance company) and the design will be worn on the catwalk, and ive done quite abit of modeling now and wasnt really sure if its something i wanted to carry on with or not.. its really hard being a model when im only 5'6 i've been offered lots of glamor stuff but thats not what i wanted to do. So i feel really lucky that ive done the modeling i have and been able to do catwalk shows being so short (or not tall enough) BUT i am doing it! heres some pics of me from last year ..


  1. Love the pictures! You have experience so you dont even need the course lol

    and Yeah Rosie is teaching :)
    See you next week!


  2. Love your flower romper its so spring but chic!