Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Smells + My Birthday

Okay so every girl loves perfume, right? I have a whole shelf full but most of them wouldn't bover purchasing again. So instead of posting a whole load of them i thought I'd share my all time favorites with you, the ones i get time and time again.
These are in order, from my top fave to my ... bottom fave? (:

Do you guys use any of these?

& onto birthdays..

I'm 20 tomorrow.

yay? Normally I'm excited in the coming weeks to my birthday and always plan something to do but this year I've been distracted by my growing bump and only realised yesterday that my birthday is tomorrow! I have the day off work and don't really plan on doing much else other than getting a rest! My family want to see me Sunday to celebrate so I'll just have to see if my boyfriend surprises me tomorrow!



  1. I have the Chanel & Juicy, love them both, great taste!

    Happy birthday hun.

    Sarah xx

  2. Love juicy couture and coco chanel perfume.
    thanks for this
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  3. I have the Moschino perfume and I love it !

  4. Happy belated birthday :)

    Lovely perfumes too - love the Juicy Couture especially :P