Monday, 22 August 2011

OOTD With Amelia

It was lovely and warm today so i took Amelia out to the park. I fit back into most of the clothes now (just a few pairs of jeans are a little tight) so i wore my River Island shorts (the belt is River Island too) and this crop from Topshop. I feel as if i have a brand new wardrobe as i hadn't been able to wear most of my clothes through my pregnancy!

Amelia is now 2 months old (she'll be 9 weeks on thursday)! I can't believe how quickly shes growing up. She smiles and laughs all the time and loves Mickey Mouse.


  1. Amelia is so cute! :) LOVE your belt!!

  2. Aw shes so cute! :)
    Lucy x

  3. Gorgeous outfit, you look amazing!!
    How cute is baby Amelia, adorable xxx

  4. aww she is so cute! love the little smile :D

    shel xx

  5. Only two months and you are that slim again?! Bodes well for the rest of us ;)

  6. ahhh i love your outfit, specially the belt buckle!!
    your daughter is precious!

    <3 BB

  7. Amelia is super cute!! Love the name too