Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Monthly Favorites

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner. 
I'm not a 'full' blonde, but I do have a full head of highlights. I've never been one to use shampoo's specifically for certain hair colours before but after giving this a go I think I may have become a convert! I really like the smell to this, it's really fresh but not at all over powering. The product itself is quite lightweight which I prefer as it's much easier to use the amount you want without overloading your head and spending 20 minutes rinsing. It gives a lovely shine to my hair and leaves my highlights looking alot brighter. 
You can pick these up in any supermarkets or Boots.

Benefit Brow Zings. 
I am a huge fan of eyebrows. Unfortunately I am not naturally blessed with dark thick brows so I do call on a little help. I have been using a eylure pencil for a few years now (they're great value for money and last ages) but wanted to venture out a little so I picked up this little Benefit beauty. It comes with a brow wax aswell as a powder, two mini brushes and a pair of mini tweezers. I just love it. It's just a really easy to create the look you want whether that's natural or bold. 

River Island Perfume. 
 I was in River Island the other week waiting in the queue when I noticed the perfumes sitting on those shelves they cleverly place right in the queue section. I've had a love for perfume since I was about 14, I feel in complete love with Chanel Mademoiselle when I brought it at about 17 and vowed never to wear anything else. Obviously being Chanel it is quite expensive, and it's also nice to mix it up abit so anyway I picked this up for a £10. It is quite a small bottle but I've been using it non stop for a week now and it barely looks like it's been used. It smells gorgeous, I honestly think it's well worth the tenner.

Barry M Nail Polish in Sugar Apple. 
I'm really loving these minty colours at the moment. They're great shades for the weather hotting up and Barry M do a few different shades similar to this one. Pastels on your nails I think just look gorgeous. 

Rimmel London Instant Tan. 
The weather is getting warmer and feels more like summer. I'm a big fan of fake tans but not such a big fan of wash off tans. I brought this months ago to try out and was actually quite pleased. I got it in medium, it's a really nice natural colour. I planned to use this on my face for days when I felt a little pale and hadn't tanned but I actually found it a little greasy on my face but have found it quite nice to for when the sun has unexpectedly come out and I've wanted to wear a dress. 

Topshop Lipstick. 
I'm probably one of lipsticks biggest fans, I just adore the stuff and I am a huge fan of topshops range. Their lipsticks are only like £6 so great value and they have a range of different colours. The one pictured here is Brighton Rocks which is a bright pink.With the weather warming up I think every girl should invest in a pink lipstick! It just looks gorgeous with a tan.

River Island Coral Earrings. 
 They just look like summer don't they? They are quite dressy to look at but can defiantly be dressed down with the right look. They were £10 so not the cheapest but not over priced. Investing in a beautiful pair of earrings is a must! 

Maybelline Baby Skin. 
So not everybody wears a primer, I went through a phase just before buying this of not using one but sometimes in the warmer weather it helps to reduce shine. The tube is quite small which is a bit annoying but you don't really need too much of this product anyway so it still lasts a way (this is a repurchase). My makeup does look a whole lot better when I have applied this first, it gives your skin that smooth look.


  1. Great picks! I'm so keen on Browzings!

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