Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Guest Post - Astley Clarke

 Festival season is well and truly underway. Are you looking forward to rocking out at Reading? Perhaps you’ve got tickets to see JT at V Festival? No matter what festivals you are going to this summer, one thing that is just as important as getting a ticket is ensuring you look the part. Festivals present the opportunity to have fun with your style. There are no rules. You can go over-the-top and no one will think anything of it. In fact, the girl in a plain pair of leggings and a boring t-shirt is likely to be the one getting the weird stares! So, embrace it, have fun with it, and let your personality shine through…

When it comes to festival fashion it is all about accessorizing. Big flower hair garlands are at the height of fashion at present. They offer a fun, feminine and flirtatious addition to any outfit. You can play towards this with a cute white t-shirt dress, or you can edge it out with a pair of denim shorts and a cut out black body! The possibilities are endless. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t simply stop at a hair accessory. Selecting your jewellery is just as important. Stacked rings are extremely fashionable and a lot of fun. You can mix and match a whole host of styles. In fact, Astley Clarke has an excellent feature on their website where you can mix and match their rings to see what they look like together. Or, why not go for a pair of feather earrings? These are great for those who want to embrace the hippy style, which is so popular at festivals, as it encapsulates the atmosphere of the whole occasion.

When picking your outfit for a festival the best thing to do is decide what sort of theme you wish to go for. Do you want to create a punk feel with your ensemble? If so, dark liner and combat boots are a must. Perhaps you’d rather go loud with neon colours and colourful jewellery. Or, what about the Boho look? This is an extremely popular choice at festivals and is ideal because it is comfortable. Flowy dresses, hats and hair feathers are great for this style. Or, perhaps twee is more you? Think vintage and sweet finishing touches, like little hair clips and Mary-Jane flats. If you determine the theme you wish to go for, you have the basis for your outfit and you will be able to create a winning look. After all, that is what festival fashion is all about – being distinct and really going for it.

All in all, there is no right or wrong when it comes to the trends you should adopt when attending a festival. The only rule is to be expressive and pick an outfit that has personality. If you do that, you are assured to create a winning look. There is only one last accessory you need, and that is confidence – own it!