Thursday, 17 December 2009

So its been abit of a mad one, and OH EM GEEEE the snow.. love it! But its soo friggin' cold I'm just waiting for it to get thick enough to make snow angels! Anyway...

Right so my hair tends to reject shampoos & conds ALOT, its mad. So im forever changing what im buying (mess head is quite good).. I've use L'Oreal before but i didnt find it too good tbh. So i thought id try Elvive nutri-gloss in light, oo this shampoo is doing it! So i got the shampoo, conditioner and intensive shine masque. Boots you saved my life & no im not being at all dramatic you dolls should know hair is a MAJOR part of your look, if it aint right you aint right.


I went to do the last of my christmas shopping with my friend JJ yesterday, wow it was great christmas shopping in the christmas snow! Im so exicted about christmas, i know im not a kid anymore but im still as much in love with xmas as i was back then and of course i couldnt go shopping without buying myself anything, that'll be pretty impossible haha I'll post a few pics of what i got. I actually cant believe its christmas next week, like seriously where has my year gone? Im pretty sure i spend most of it shopping seeing how fashion is my boyfriend. Christmas is gonna be different this year, normally its a big family thing (which i love) but my nans going away and we've got a family wedding on the 27th so we're having a 'late christmas i guess' .. It'll just be the 5 of us on actaul xmas day. Ohh also i went shopping to Oxford Street and it looks so cute now its all done up for christmas, heres some pics..


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