Saturday, 19 June 2010

Look What I Bought..

ASOS! I've been shopping on their website for about 2years (if not longer). I love their massive range of items! So heres some stuff i bought (i also bought 2 By Caprice Bikinis. (sorry about the writting i dont know why its underlined!)

Square Scarf

I got this bag in white


Animal Print Mac
Knitted Dress
I got these for £30 but they are now £12! They have most sizes left so go get a pair! They are really comfy because the heel isn't too high.
These i got for £80. They are now in the sale i cant actually think of the price now but i loveee these things!! And they go with everything
This was £110 but so worth it! The leather is SO soft

Waist belt. Ties up at the back (picture above)

I got this in a Mint Green colour
This dress it so cute, i love the lace back. Its pale pink

Heart Jumper

Avoid getting zit faced Cleanser


  1. How fun u got a lot of stuff, Im thinking about ordering a dress from asos, and Im so exited cuz I haven't order anything from them yet, cuz I was a bit afraid about the shipping but I maid up my mind now Im going to get me some stuff from asos hihihi =)

  2. i am in love with that studded leather jacket!
    im following you! follow me back please?!

  3. i love the bag and the jeans!
    and thanks for following:)cute blog!
    xx alena