Sunday, 20 June 2010


I wore these leggings when Me & Emma went to London Zoo. I've had them for ages but don't wear them very often cause they are way too big for me (even though they're a size small.. weird eh?). Anyway some guy really liked them, apparently they're 'interesting' .. Well i guess they kinda are? =/ .....
As my boyfriends gone home for a little while i took the opportunity to sort out my room. And finally sorted out my wardrobe which took 4 and a half hours! I got rid of loads but theres a few things I'm not sure weather to keep or chuck. I'm gonna get some pictures of those and post them so you lovelies can tell me what you think


  1. I love those leggings, I've never seen anything like them. Now I really want some. lol Cute outfit btw!

  2. hola linda ... lovely blog ...
    the photos are beautiful,,,
    I loved your Mayone ...
    and I'm a big kiss
    I wait for my blog I hope you like it and encourage you insure themselves .. xox0