Friday, 20 August 2010

Apparently You Cant Buy Happiness..

.. But you can buy lots of shoes & makeup which is kinda the same thing.
What am i loving this week?

Topshop Makeup. Cute and affortable & its looks great!

Sequins. Im wearing them on everything jumpers, tops, skirts, shoes, headbands .. you get the idea..

I bought a Alexandra McQueen scarf the other day (my boyfriend paid half, he wanted to get me it as a late birthday pressie) I've got it in this colour, im sure i'll be posting a post just for it :)

What am i hating this week?

Green jeans for men? Do i really need to explain? Let me know if you disagree!

I know they're in fashion but i hate them i cant help it! Let me know your thoughts on this, i know alot of girls are loving these atm. Maybe you've got a pair you think would change my mind?

Long Hair. Okay i love long hair, i have long hair! But im hating LOOONNNGG hair.
It just hangs there, too long to be styled. I've seen alot of girls with hair past their bums and it just looks boring.
Let me know what your loving and hating


  1. grreat post you inspired me to do something like this on my blog thanks

  2. Hey, I &heart; your blog!! I really wanted a pink scarf and after I saw it I went to buy it but the season had been discontinued!! They are so cute!! Now I'm on a waiting list at the outlet incase it ever come in! xx

  3. I totally agree with the title of this post! lol!

  4. That lonnnnngggggggg hair be driving me crazy! In a good way! Girl, you'd better grow your mane past your bottom or I won't visit your blog no more!