Thursday, 17 March 2011

update + pregnancy news

Hey Everyone.
Sorry I havent posted in a while, i went to stay with my boyfriends family and have also become ill (which sucks when your pregnant coz you can't take nothing!). I haven't been doing much else other than working and getting all the baby bits ready, and stuffing my face with foood!

I'm 26 weeks pregnant on Saturday (6 and a half months).
Although I've had a tough pregnancy it seems like its flying by but i do have some news..
I have placenta previa (not sure if I've shared this before) which is basically a pregnancy complication which I'm not going to go into huge detail about, if you are interested theres plenty of imformation you can read up on the interent. So I've been told since month 4 that I'll most likely need a C Section (boo-whoo!). So i have a check-up scan at 34weeks to check if the placenta has moved but have now been told I'm likely to be having a C Section 3-4 weeks early. This means baby will probably be here in about 10weeks!

Scary yet exciting news. I'm sure she wont mind though as we spends most of her time pushing herself as far out of my sides as she can, think shes getting bored in there!



  1. Good luck with everything! You've got the cutest bump ha-ha :) x

  2. good luck! hope all goes well!

    thanks for following, beauty! :)

  3. i can only wish i look like this when im pregnant! But i will look like one big lump! Such a cute bump

    good luck!


  4. ull be okay i had 2 csection and the 2 i wanted it.. im was used to it.. and ur baby will be here quick. only thing it will hurt but it only for couples day remember u will need help...:)