Monday, 16 May 2011

Pregnancy Update - Feeling Rough

I'm now 34 weeks + 3 days pregnant, looking and feeling rough.

So i went for my placenta check up scan this morning and guess what? Its moved!! Which means i can have a natural birth.. argh! I'm very happy but very scared as I'd kindof prepared myself for a c section.

The baby has dropped and is laying very low, they've said shes ready to come now!
 I had a show yesterday and a little today, and have also been getting lots of signs of labour and tummy pains (false contractions? no idea) so who knows when she'll come.

I plan to pack my hospital bag tonight/tomorrow so im ready (: .. just incase!

I bought a few things from Republic which i wanna post but haven't even bovered opening the package yet, so tired! So maybe I'll get that up tomorrow along with a few things I've brought and forgot to post ..



  1. You look lovely! Glad everything is working out :)

  2. You look lovely! Ul do brilliant best thing about labour is you can demand anything and scream your head off lol.