Saturday, 7 May 2011


My 3 favorite primers.
Considering they're my faves ofcourse i have good things to say..

Elf Mineral Infused Primer - £6.00

They say; Transform your face into a flawless and smooth canvas with the mineral Infused Face Primer. Developed to combat excess oil, flaky dryness, enlarged pores and fine lines to result in a natural and youthful looking radiance. This clear multipurpose skin primer will prepare your skin so makeup goes on evenly for a lasting finish.

I say; I would agree with them completely. I love this primer, it leaves your skin feeling and looking completely flawless.. amazing. I have developed oily skin over the last year (not overly but still annoying) and this defo keeps it at bay without feeling heavy. The only downer on this product is the fact it isn't see-through so you don't know the product is running out until its gone, sob! It didn't last ages but lasted reasonbly for the price.

GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer, Clear - £12.35

They say; The perfect base for all makeup; fills in fine lines and deep pores in the skin, creating a uniform, matt and unique, silky soft surface. Assists in an easy and uniform application of foundation. Can be used on top of daily moisturiser or on clean skin. Without preservatives and perfume.

I say; I actually love this primer, I've been using it for a few years now and always go back to it after trying others. I only use the clear one as i don't like the others. This leaves your skin feeling amazing, looking clear and smooth and is the perfect makeup base. My only moan about this one is the fact they keep putting the price up! It was about £10 when i first started using it so hasn't gone up tons but it still annoys me! Although it isn't the cheapest it is defo worth it as it last forever.

MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone - £14.50

They say; A light, oil-free emulsion that helps cloak visible pores while controlling oil and shine. Applies “wet” for a gentle micro-exfoliation: dries instantly to create an invisible, long-lasting natural matte finish. Ideal for the T-zone.

I say; Obviously this one is a little different. I do really like this but don't think I'll be purchasing it again as it is a very small bottle which using up very quickly, and its not exactly cheap.

What do you use? Anything to recommend? 



  1. I have the Gosh and elf one and although they do make a slight difference i think that the elf one is making me breakout.
    I have tried the dhc velvet primer and that has been my favourite so far xx

  2. I'm interested in the ELF one. Thanks for the review :)

  3. I want to try the elf one! Great post