Monday, 19 September 2011

Lets Dress Up.

Hey Lovelies.
I'm sat here clutching a mug of hot chocolate waiting for big brother to come on when I suddenly had a rush of fashion pop into my head. I hadn't always loved fashion at all. When I was younger I'd just buy all the cheap clothes to get as much as I could for my money and never really love anything I owned. As I got to about 15 I started realising it was much better to have just a few items I loved rather than a ton I didn't. By The time I was 16 I was very much into fashion but not really sure how to put outfits together so I started scrapbooking. I'd rip anything I liked out of magazines, outfits or just plain items of clothing, shoes, beauty products and started learning how to put outfits together. Now I'm 20 and more in love with fashion than anything but I like to do it my way. If I like something I'll wear it and if I hate it I wont, regardless if its 'in' or not.

Anyway I just had a little moment of fashion so thought I'd put a few things together..


  1. i love all these outfits! especially the second :) x

  2. oooh! that ballet tutu-like skirt, I've been wanting to buy it too XD so cute!

  3. Oh wow lovely picks! :D

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  4. Love the maxi skirt in the first outfit x