Friday, 1 January 2010


I know its gone so the posts abit late but i was too busy at christmas to post anything, so i hope everyone had a great day and new years ofcourse.. so id posted my xmas wishlist on here about two weeks before the day and oh em gee.. i actually got something off it!!! Because it was a wishlist if you look at it you'd probably understand why i only got one thing off that list considering my family is not rich. I got loads of lovely pressies but nothing topped the wishlist one which was ...... A CHANEL HANDBAG! The classic little black bag which is gorgeous, my parents hid it inside the ugliest bag to trick me and it so worked i was just like oh er thanks and put it to the side haha it was so funny, lucky it wasnt my actual presents coz they so knew i hated it!!! Let me know what you got! ..


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  2. HI! I am ten years old! I love designing and modeling! For Christmas I got 2 Coach bags! A Nintendo DSi! A Tiffany & Co. necklace! And TONS of clothing! Check out my blog @

    Thank You! Isa

  3. Oh and I got 6 or 7 designing tools/sketch pads/that kind of stuff! -Isa