Friday, 22 January 2010


WARNING; This blog has nothing to do with fashion.
If your willing to listen to my blah read on..
This weeks been abit weird, and very indifferent. I use to always put other people before myself, tend to their needs before i thought about my own. Since im older now ive kinda stopped doing that so much. Of course you have to think about your actions and how they affect the people around you, especially those you care for and love. But sometimes you just gotta say F**K it! I just realised why should i waste my time worrying about someones feelings when they so obviously dont care about mine? The answer is i shouldnt i guess. It hurts when you hurt people you dont want to hurt but life just gets to that point where you have to put yourself first. When it comes down to it, all those people are looking out for themselfs so while you waste time worrying about them too whos looking out for you? Nobody.
New year, new life, new outlook.

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  1. So true. I'm glad you've realised and are doing something about it! I can't bring myself to change that in my life right now, I'm still putting others before me and I think I will until I eventually snap >.< x