Thursday, 14 January 2010

My new 2010 life ..

Wow so 2010 is off to an amazing start, and we're still in january! Everybody starts off the year with good intentions and ofcourse their news years resoloutions (which normaly only last for about the first two days) so this year i decided no resolutions and NO pressure, and its been the best thing ever! I seriously think this year could be my best yeat ever.. yet. SO ive decided to finally put everything i've wanted to do to action. Of course i couldnt possibly do everything all at once that'll be mad overkill, but i've made a start. I've always loved makeup, weather its normal everyday wear or mad stage makeup (before i got a modeling contract i really wanted to be a makeup artist) so im enrolling to become a professional makeup artist.. but thats not all! Im also enrolling to become a nail technician. OH EM GE i am overly excited! Theres actually so much more i could write about whats going on but that would just be too much haha ..
I hope you all have the best year ever and make it the year you do the things you've been putting off, say the things your thinking and do all the things you want to do! This is your year make the best of it..!
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