Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sun, Sea & Broken Heels

I'm back from Magaluf and have so much to post! I took so many pictures out there but im only posting a few because there seriously are 100's! So i went there with 13 friends, we got up to so much. The days were pretty relaxed.. the nights were full on party. We did go to a foam party at a club one night, it was very wet and i was completely covered in foam.. My friend stole a pair of heels from the foam club but they were broken! Probably why they'd been left there, we went on a boat trip and i swam in the middle of the sea with the sharks! Errrm we ate alot (; went to a water park, marineland where we watched Dolphin, Sea Lion and Parot shows, chilled on the beach, shopped abit, swam in the pool and club club club!

I got a kiss!

First time i touched a Dolphin

I loved to chill on the beach

Mmm.. My cake


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