Saturday, 3 July 2010

Stylish Blog Award

I was given this lovely award by the beautiful Katie, who you can find at If you want a little slice of fashion and just a little read everyday you'll defo like her blog. Go follow her!

Okay so the rules are once you've been awarded you have to post 5 random facts about yourself:

1. I have a ton of clothes which have been thrown out STILL with the tags. Yes i buy too many clothes which i cannot possibly wear (i work for it all).

2. I loved doing driving lessons, until other cars appeared on the road. I hate driving with other cars about!

3. I am studying to become a MUA (professional make-up artist) and studying nail technology. I am also getting a portfolio together to go to fashion school.

4. Music is my first love. I cannot go a day without listening to it.

5. I cant ride a bike. Never had one (:

I now award this to;

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