Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Im off to Magaluf (Spain) with the girls (and guys).
I've almost sorted out all my outfits to take, i went shopping yesterday to Lakeside and bought a few things inclu a tutu style skirt from H&M i really wanted the pink one but thought i'd get more wearing outta the black one, plus i found a gorge top to go with it. Its defo a night outfit! So anyway i will be back on the 19th (im gonna feel really bad about no blogging!)
But leave me love and it'll all be returned when i get back !
(Btw did anyone see T4 on the beach? Who was that singing with Professer Green? Im guessing Lily Allen couldn't make it so they got a backing singer or something? Just wondered if anyone knew).


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  3. beautiful and dats in spain?? WOW