Friday, 12 November 2010

I Love Rimmel & Elf Review

Just like the cute little Rimmel bottles say, I LOVE RIMMEL!
Rimmel has been my favorite for nail paints for years now, Im not too fussed with brands like OPI. Rimmel has such a great range of products, from nail care polish to colours at affordable prices. And the range of colours is huge!
(pictures of the polish i have left)

I wouldn't say i love NYC but i do really like it. I only have these four left, my favorites (:
I love the pale pink one they do.. it looks great on though chips within a few days.

I first saw this range in the market (whitechapel) and really liked one of the pinks so tried it out, and i loved it. I then found them again in Brick Lane and brought a few more (i only really like the pinks in this range). I haven't actually ever seen these in shops so i dont really know where else you can get them other than markets.

Sinful is my must have. I HAVE to use this if im doing a french tip. Just use a little all over the nail and its a really lovely pale pink matte finish, I wouldn't use this on its on though.

Other nail paints which aren't used too much i just throw into this box..

I go through nail paints really quickly coz im always painting my nails different colours.

Elf Nail Paint In Lilac
When this first arrived i have to admit i was disappointed.
I didn't think it looked the same colour as on the website and thought it just looked quite dark and dull. BUT.. After trying it out, i love it!
Its a very different colour on the nail than it is in the bottle. I did two coats which dried quickly and left a lovely pale purple. I've had it on about 3 days now and no chips so far..
Excuse the messy nails in the picture, i do that most of the time and clean the mess when its dry.



  1. loving your collection! I actually did a post about elf nailpolishes and "lilac" was so watery on me, i did 3 coats and it was a miss! with streaks and very pale.

  2. love your nail collection try L.A. Colours they do lovely colour range. I just did a NOTD you can check it out.

  3. Thanks Girls.

    @ Beauty Ambition, Really? I really liked the colour and found it quite thick after the second coat. Just shows how the same product can be so different for people!


  4. I love your collection. I always try to use different colous all the time too!

  5. That's a whole lot of nail polish and i'm loving the colours big time. The colour on your nail in the last shot is fab!

    Stay gorgeous!

  6. I love the 'I love Rimmel' polishes! I have two in orange and yellow and the pigmentation is amazing, so I only have to do one coat! Fern, xxx

  7. your collection of rimmels is amazing :D

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