Friday, 5 November 2010

I Want One!

As some of you know, i am pregnant. And although i still have a long way to go (pregnancy takes too long!) I really want a bear suit! I was going to buy one the other day but it was too boyish, and as we dont know what we're having yet i couldn't get it.
My boyfriend really wants a boy. I've had a look at the girls clothes and they're just so cute to dress! Little pink tutu dresses :) But to be honest i really dont mind what we have.

Haha just thought i'd share my secret snap of my boyfriend with you



  1. Awh congrats honey! That bear suit is soooooooooo cute! xo

  2. Congratulations! The bear suit is adorable, one of my close friends just had her first child and she was eyeing up baby clothes after the first few months aswell lol x

  3. congrats. It reminds me of my youngest as i took him home from hospital in a brown furry all in 1 with a hood and ears. So cute xx