Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Makeup Brushes Storage

Hey Guys
So i've seen alot of girls not knowing where to store their brushes and sometimes ruin them by stuffing them into makeup bags, so i thought i'd just do a little post on where i store mine. Okay so these are just my 'most used' brushes (which need washing in the pic opps haha). All the others are stored away as i dont use them so much.
So i got this little bucket from a shop near Covent Garden (where i bought my bracelet storage sign) they sell loads of cute unusal things in there so i love it!
Anyway.. i also bought the 'coloured sand' i think it was called in there. As you will see its not sand but is great as it keeps the brushes upright and doesnt scratch them.

And just a quick update..

I PASSED all my makeup exams! Yay!
I do plan to do some makeup looks but as i've had such bad sickness with the pregnancy (im at 10 weeks now so almost 3months!) im not bothering with makeup atm so once im feeling abit better i'll be posting some, along with everything else random i like to post (:



  1. This is so practical and adorable. ♥ Just make sure you brushes aren't wet, otherwise oh dear!!

  2. Looking forward to your makeup posts! Hehee your blog is so pretty! Keep it up, girl :)

  3. Hi Nikkay!

    Love your blog, It's great to see a fellow English beauty blogger doing so well <3

    I would love it if you could check out & fellow my blog, I'm new to the blogging world & need all the help I can get!