Saturday, 18 December 2010


Hey Ladies.
Hope everyones doing good & enjoying the snow?
Me, my boyfriend and my sister made a very pathetic looking snowman this morning. I am actually loving the snow at the moment as i don't have work until tuesday so don't need to go out unless i want to. So I've been sat in the warmth eating a massive bag of Haribo :)
I have a few things i want to get posted, but i probably wont be posting much until after christmas (only 6 days! yay). I'll be excited to see whats waiting under the tree for me, and if anything beats the Chanel bag i got last year.

My Nails This Week..

I've been wearing N'7s Milan on my nails for the past week.
 I got this colour back in March & i still love it. Its so glittery and the colour is just gorgeous.



  1. this looks really pretty, i have a few no7 polishes but sadly they chip so fast on my nails. I'm lucky if they last 2 days even with a good top coat xx

  2. Really? I normally get away with a week until they start chipping! x

  3. I am loving the snow too! I love your nails! xx

  4. that's such a pretty color!! I wonder if that nail polish line is available in the US...

  5. @Annettee
    i'm not too sure, the line is by Boots which i don't think you guys have x

  6. loving this color and the GLITTER galore

  7. Loving that colour :) Im so gonna have a look for that next time im in boots :)