Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Snow Arrived..

I've been freezing in this London snow! But its really got me in a constant christmas mood, love it! I've even been wrapping some presents already haha..

I haven't really got too much news to tell tbh. I haven't really been shopping as im trying to save alot for the baby.. And i have my first scan on monday (I'll be 3 months)
Other than that theres not much to tell!
I'll try to get some posts together for the end of this week or next week



  1. I'm from London too & the snow is soooo deep!
    Can't believe that all transport has been cut off though :[

  2. I hate snow. Luckily I have been sick all week and haven't gone outside to see the mess we have here. I want to hibernate all winter.