Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Topshop + Update

Hey Guys.
I feel like i have so much going on at the moment i dont have time to blog!
Firstly, I had my very first scan on monday. It was amazing, and the baby is doing really well. It even starting jumping up and down and waving its arms around! So im a very happy girl right now..

Secondly, I have been meaning to get myself some Topshop makeup for months now and still haven't gotten round to it. I've seen a few liners and eyeshadows i really like, but wonder if the makeup is all its cracked up to be. If you have tried any let me know what you like of it, should i give it a go?
I've been really loving some of Topshops stock at the moment, the have some really cute things in. I really love this cute vanity case and do need somewhere to store my makeup as i have loads everywhere!

You can view it on Topshops website here

I also just wanted to share these cute little booties my sisters friend gave me and my boyfriend for the baby (She bought them for her little girl, who never wore them). We wont know what we're having until feb so at least they're brown!  



  1. Oh how cuuuuute are those boots. xx

  2. Oh my gosh! Little booties! <3 Those never fail to make me smile. :) Congratulations with the baby! :)

  3. LOL! I wanted a pink one too, but the one I bought had such a good sale going on...It only cost me about $105.00 =) Hope you find your pink camera soon!!!