Friday, 3 June 2011


Hey everyone. So i took a little trip to Primark today, i have such a love for primark and always seem to find something i like. Although i didn't find much today.. they did have some really cute dresses which i loved but wasn't sure they'd find my bust and ofcourse i cant try on in my size right now...

I got these really cute sandals in peach (i know they look abit brown in the picture, they're not). I think they're so cute and they have lots of different colours, they were tagged at £6 but actually cost £4.90.

Cute front tie top for the warm weather, i would try it on for you guys but i'd look really stupid right now..  £4

I think i always buy beauty products when im in primark. They're great quality and so cheap.. i did have a look at their makeup but they didn't have much in.

This is actually mens and is for my boyfriend but thought i'd post anyway so its cute and a girl could so wear it! £12

And thats all i got! Other than a little baby spree in primark and a kids shop..



  1. Aww those baby clothes are too cute!

  2. I love those sandals, and the sponge bob sweater is so cute haha as are the baby clothes! Just over 2 more weeks! :)