Wednesday, 29 June 2011

6 Days Old

Amelia Jackson
Born 23rd June 2011 at 10.10pm
Weighing 7lb 10oz

She finally arrived.. my due date was the 25th so she was early!
I was in labour for the day but dilated really fast, which the midwifes couldn't believe as she is my first baby. Once i was 4cm i was taken up to labour ward and wasn't going to be checked how far i was again till 10.30pm. After just a few hours i was telling them i needed to push but was being told not to as i wouldn't be ready yet, but they did decide to check me then and found the babys head was coming and told me i needed to push! I pushed for about 10-15mins and she was out, all 7lb 10oz of her! Her weight surprises people as she is actually quite tiny so people normally think shes about 6lb. & she was actually weighted again yesterday and has put on weight.. 7lb 12oz now!

It was the craziest most wonderful moment of my life. Being a mum is hard work but i love it so much, my life feels so much better now shes here.



  1. ahhhh she's absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

    Princess Juicy T ♥

  2. well dont petal. Shes lovely.


  3. Congratulations! She's gorgeous

  4. congratulations hun shes gorgeous xx

  5. beautiful!!! she is lush! congrats x

  6. Aw, what a beautiful little baby girl - you must be a proud mummy! x

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  8. she's gorgeous! congrats! I know you'll be an amazing mum xx

  9. she is so cute and looks very long :) cant wait to see more updstes in the future but remember to take it easy too!

    shel xx

  10. Congratulations! You have got a cute little one there!
    You made it sound like it was an easy labour for you. My first baby is due in November so its not far off till I be in the same position.

  11. Congratulations! She's beautiful & u'll be a great mum <3

  12. Thank you so much everyone x

    @GlamourMe aww congratulations! x