Saturday, 11 June 2011


Hey, hope everyone is well.
I decided to go on a little shopping trip today to see if it would help my labour progress, I'm still having painful contractions but still not baby which is frustrating seeing as my midwife told me she'd be here yesterday! But anyway heres the few things i got..

Hello Kitty hand soap!! I was a little overly excited about this. I got this in the 99p store, they also had Hello Kitty shampoo but I'm very fussy about what i use on my hair and didn't quite trust it.
Oh and ofcourse i had to pick up some snacks for tv time tonight (;

Few baby bits ofcourse.
Cocoa butter strech mark cream, I'd ran out and although I'm at the end of my pregnancy really liked this, Natural Collection Candy Mist lipstick, Rimmel Peppermint nail paint & Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara. I always get those vouchers when I'm in boots but never use them, do you guys?

I got these (shampoo & conditioner) because i love the straight (pink) ones Herbal Essences do but as i have naturaly curly/wavy hair i thought i'd give this one a go.

Candy Mist


Seeing how nothing fits its pretty simple.
White tshirt, BikBok
Jacket, Topshop
Necklace, ASOS
Plain Black Leggins, River Island
Shoes (slingbacks), Republic

Two of my nails broke so i decided to file the rest down too, N.Y.C i108A

I have a few different things i want to do reviews on so i'm working on doing a post including them all instead on doing lots of different post. I will be including products in this post.



  1. I fell very sorry for you at the moment you must feel so uncomfortable. But just think once baba is old enough you can nag at what you went through lol


  2. Love your nail colour!! :) & your shoes are so cute!