Tuesday, 6 September 2011

NIVEA Oil Free Moisturiser - Review

All skin whatever the type needs a good moisturiser, which moisturiser is best for you depends on your skin type. This review is my own opinions only, please remember a moisturiser will work differently for everyone.
I get oily skin mainly on my forehead so i much prefer to use an oil free moisturiser. As my skin can get quite oily it can become quite shiny too (which is very annoying). I don't normally wear foundation anyway but just wanted to add as i know alot of people will use foundation as a cover up for such problems when infact the use of a foundation on the skin while its shiny will only enhance that.

What They Say - Well balanced moisture together with a regulation of oil production are essential for your skin to make it look beautiful, shine free and smooth.
Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream, enriched with Natural Lemongrass & Rice Extract, supports the natural balance of your skin:
Helps regulate your skin's oil balance to leave your skin shine free,
The light formulation hydrates your skin without clogging pores,
With SPF 8 and extra UVA filters it helps to protect your skin from environmental influences and premature skin ageing,
Your skin is intensively hydrated and protected to look shine free all day long.

What I Expect - From this product i expect to have oil free/shine free skin. I expect the shine to be kept at bay, for a few hours after use atleast. I also expect my skin to gather less shine through regular use of the product. 

What It Does -  True to their word this product does leave my skin looking and feeling smooth after use, also i haven't had any breakouts. But it is a huge let down when it comes to the oil/shine factor. My skin is shiny a mere 10 minutes after using the product everytime! I did expect it to keep the shine off a little longer.

- The design is simple yet good
- It has quite a pleasant smell
- It spreads easy so you don't need to use too much product
- Its good vaule for the price

- Skin is still shiny shortly after application so i layer of powder is needed

This product is priced at £3.99 which is quite good but would be much better if it did all it says it does. You can buy it at all major supermarkets, Boots or Superdrug.
Overall I'm disappointed in this product. It has some great elements on the basis of making your skin smooth and such but other than that it doesn't have a great deal going for it so I'm not going to recommend this.

Out Of 5:


  1. Too bad about it being shiny! I usually have that problem with sunscreens.

  2. I hate when it clearly states it will do one thing that you really want it to do and then it really doesn't =/

  3. Oo! Great moisturizer post! I like reading reviews on products that are very affordable. Lol we can't all be living in complete luxury, right? Congrats on your daughter! ^___^ I'll be finding out the sex of my little on in a couple more weeks! :) Very excited!

  4. Love your blog a lot!
    I follow you XO

  5. I´ve tried how many Nivea moisturizer and facial products before, but my face simply does not suit.

    Great review!

    creative fashion

  6. love reviews like this !

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