Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Shop For Less.

Hey Ladies.
We all love beauty, clothes, shopping and of course a bargain so why not add them all together? I love buying new clothes, I just don't always like to look at my bank balance afterwards. There are loads of cheap shops either online or offline which offer a selection of 'takes' on what you'd find on the highstreet (or highend) for a fraction of the price.
Now I'm not saying they are all good. Some can be very cheap looking and just plain nasty, but with every bad theres a good.

I think this dress is really cute. It doesn't look so cheap does it? But it is infact £5. This little cutie is from this shop where everything is just £5. I can't comment on the quality as I haven't actually ordered anything from here and although they do have alot I think are cheap looking and I wouldn't give a second look they do also have some really cute stuff. I do think its worth a try if you really like something £5 isn't alot, plus you can always return!

We've all heard of glossybox but I know some people are wanting to try out other alternatives. There are lots of different beauty boxes on the market now, one of my faves has to be carmine. latestinbeauty is great as it has a different take on beauty boxes, you can purchase products or/and receive a box for just under a fiver (pictured below).

More Discounts?

I have shopped with some of these companies.


  1. Fabulous websites! Love that dress! :)

  2. I really need to go clothes shopping but am a bit poor at the moment. I love a bargain though x

  3. that dress is so pretty :)
    i got the latest in beauty box and was really pleased with it. i haven't tried glossybox or any of the others yet x

  4. Gorgeous dress!
    I have tagged you on my blog :)