Monday, 10 October 2011

Recent Purchases

I haven't been buying much for me lately. I've started christmas shopping and am of course buying lots for Amelia's first christmas along with bigger clothes for her as shes growing out of alot now, but I wont post all that! Heres just a few bits I got this week.
Two of the pictures are from the offical sites just because mine are in the wash.


Yes I love animal print I do think you have to be very careful with it though as it can end up looking very cheap and tacky. I am in complete love with these boot wedges, I love a wedged heels as it can be worn more casually and they're much more comfy.
I really liked the leggings because I think they're something different. I know Miss Selfridge were selling ones almost the same a little while ago but they were out of size 8s so I was excited to see these ones and had to have them!

Forever 21.

I'm loving the cape trend at the moment. I was a little sad this one had such short 'sleeves' with the weather how it is but I'll just wear it with a long sleeved tshirt or jumper. I love the detail in the hood, that sealed the deal for me.
The cupcake crop I already posted me wearing in the Clacton post. I just thought it was cute.


H&M do lovely baby bits and I just couldn't resist buying these little  cuties for the colder weather. I like the fact they're plain so will go with anything but still have the added zip detail so they're not so boring.


  1. I love the leopard print wedges! I need some in my life :D


  2. Zomg wowie I love your buys! ^^

  3. OMG The leopard print shoes are fierce!

  4. The Leopard print boots are gorgeous! I'm highly addicted to leopard print myself!

  5. i love print and i agree with you that too much can come across really cheap/tacky. the pants are nice! but GOOD SHOES. now i'm itching to get me some, too!

  6. those leopard print boots and leggings are absolutely amazing. love your style. xx

  7. LOVE all those purchases! Esp the poncho.
    Also as a side note, I LOVE the name Amelia, it's such a beautiful name for a girl.

  8. I have the Miss Selfridge leopard panelled leggings! I know some people look at them and think "uuurrgh" but I love them! xx

  9. Oh my gosh! Those wedges are amazing!! <3

  10. leopard print boots are ... AMAZING! :)

  11. OMG!! I'm so loving your leopard boot wedges.
    I have the same in black. I wish I would have found them in leopard though lol.

  12. I love the wedges! They're amazing! xx