Tuesday, 6 December 2011

30 Day Beauty Challenge - Day 2

Day 01 — You with makeup on
Day 02 — Favourite bag that you own
Day 03 — Your hairstyle
Day 04 — Favourite foundation
Day 05 — An outfit that is totally you
Day 06 — Favourite Makeup brand
Day 07 — Favourite item of clothing
Day 08 — A photo of you getting fashion wrong
Day 09 — Favourite pair of shoes
Day 10 — Current fashion/style you like
Day 11 — Bag you want to have
Day 12 — Favourite colour of clothing
Day 13 — Photo of your fashion/style icon
Day 14 — Photo of a hairstyle/haircut you'd like to have
Day 15 — Your favourite piece of jewellery
Day 16 — A celebrity whose fashion you don't like
Day 17 — Fashion Pieces on your to-buy list
Day 18 — Favourite beauty expert
Day 19 — Favourite look from a beauty expert
Day 20 — Favourite mascara
Day 21 — Favourite lipstick
Day 22 — Beauty tips for a big night out
Day 23 — Best bargain makeup item
Day 24 — Favourite new beauty product
Day 25 — Beauty regime
Day 26 — An Item from your wish list
Day 27 — Favourite skincare product
Day 28 — Top beauty item you can't live without
Day 29 — Photo of a makeup look you would love to try out
Day 30 — Favourite nail polish

Favorite bag that you own;

First let me just say sorry for these awful photos, I'm sure you all know how dark its getting lately.

Okay so this was a really hard one! I have loads of bags, meaning I have bags I've thrown away without using. I decided to go with this one because I just love everything about it. I love the pastel colour, the cute cut-out detail, the fact it has a long shoulder strap and a shorter strap, the leopard print detail inside.. just everything!
This is a Marc B bag bought from Topshop, I think it was £40.


  1. this bag is really wonderful. love it. i like white things with gold. wonderful.
    lovely greets
    maren anita

  2. Thanks I love it too! Although its not white, its a pastel green/blue colour x

  3. Lovely bag, i love it when bags have cute patterns on the inside. Leopard print is my favourite :-)

    Holli x

  4. such a pretty bag. And love ur blog, dear ; )