Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Day With Santa + Mini Haul

walking into the theater

Its Amelias first christmas (to me christmas offically starts on the 1st)!
So on tuesday we took her to see santa. They take a picture of all the kids as your going in and then they star in a christmas film! Amelia was in it about five times, I was worried she was going to be really moany and ruin it abit for all the other kids (who were all aleast 3 and older) but she loved it and was really good. Then we went through to see santa..

Again I was worried she'd play up as she doesn't really like being held by people she doesn't know but she was really good, she even got a present from santa which I've kept for her for christmas day, though I already know its a book. I love the picture but how cute is the snow globe!? It has alot more glitter than you can see in the photo.

We did abit of shopping too, I did buy a few things in primark but I've put the dress for the wash without taking a photo so I'll do that stuff in a different post. I picked up loads in Boots and Superdrug, mostly baby bits which I wont bore you with.

Barry M limited edition purple nail paint. I did wear this but forgot to take photos, opps. I'm going to do another posted with mini reviews so I'll show how it looks then. I did really like it but it did only last a few days, it chipped alot

REPURCHASE - GOSH primer, I just love this. They do a few other types of this, I've tried out one of the others but I like this one way more. This is my fourth one, I've tried out so many others from different brands but this tops them all, I always pick this over my MAC primer.

Barry M lipstick in baby pink. I tried this on just before going out and had to put another lippy on over the top. Its gorgeous to look at but was just too light for me.

REPURCHASE - Umberto Giannini curl friends, if you've read any of my hair posts you'll know I have naturally curly hair which can sometimes become quite frizzy. This is a hair mask so you use it instead of or after your conditioner, I think it says to leave on for 5mins but I normally leave it for about 20.

Benefit boiing, I do already have this but don't feel like I can put it as a repurchase as this one isn't actually for me. I've bought it as a christmas present for someone. 

Barry M nail paint in strawberry. I can't wait to try this out, I love anything pink and think baby pinks look so lovely on nails.