Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas and New Year

My Little Christmas Elf 

Hey Ladies. 
I hope everyone had a lovely christmas.. I did! As I'm sure you all know it was my daughters first christmas this year (she's 6 months). She had so many presents it was a little crazy, and then her other nanny came over with more bags full! She Amelia had a very fun, tiring first christmas. 

Christmas PJ's

I thought I'd go festive with my nails so painted them with Barry M's red glitter polish.
I've been really lazy though and still have it on, which is fine because it hasn't chipped at all but I did get a few new shades I want to try out.

I hope you all have the perfect new years eve and an amazing new year.


  1. Happy new year Nik! Amelia looks gorgeous. Had a look at all your Christmasy photos on Facebook. She's so cute, aw!xx

  2. Happy New Year! You've got a lovely blog :)