Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Amelia's Update

Amelia is eight months old tomorrow, how quick has that gone!? 
I can't remember what she was doing on her last update so I'll just say it all again! She's been standing (holding on but not moving) since four and a half months, sitting and crawling (more belly flopping but getting around fine!) since five months, crawling properly by six months, standing and walking holding onto things at six and a half months, and walking by herself with her push walker at seven months! 
She eats three meals a day aswell as three bottles of milk, she loves her food, one of her favorites is chicken curry. 

Her favorite things to do are play with her toys (she's waving a rattle above her head at the moment), eat, walk and bath time. We have two cats and a dog and she loves them so much, I love that she has grown up with animals so she isn't afraid of them. Amelia loves shopping just as much as her mummy does so we do that quite often, she's always the one bringing home lots of goodies from the shops though! 
We got her the cutest pair of converse yesterday..

Sorry I haven't been on for a while. The housing hunting is still going on and of course having a very demanding baby takes a toll! My laptop still isn't working either so I'm still using the macbook which is abit annoying as all my pictures are on my laptop, I also got the galaxy phone back in November and still don't know how to put pictures from it onto a laptop so I can't post much without my pictures, BOO! I'm going to try sorting the pictures thing out though and get back to blogging.


  1. omg. so cute!!!! <3 and the little shoes!!! ah. :) can't wait to see more!
    kisses to you and a wonderful evening.
    maren anita

    visit me <3
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  2. Aw she's so cute! Wow EIGHT months? Seems like two months. :^) Love the Converse, I have a bigger pair! hehe

  3. So amazed! Love your baby girl! :) So sweet and stylish as her mother! Love hun! Kisses!!

  4. She's such a little stunner. Ozzy is 8 months next week :-)

    Holli x

  5. omg shes so adorable ! i believe that she has the same wbirthday as my son 6/23/11