Friday, 3 February 2012

River Island: Haul

I needed some retail therapy so I logged onto River Islands website the other night and got busy. I love RI but sometimes find I can walk in and not see a thing I like. They have some really cute things in at the moment though and I had to contain myself slightly so I just got these three. I've added the pictures from the website as they parcel came late (6ish) on Wednesday so it was quite hard getting any good pictures in the dark. I don't really post hauls anymore, unless they are beauty related maybe, which is why I thought I'd throw one in!


  1. Love the first jumper! (:
    Thank you for your comment the other day. We definitely need to meet up soon!
    Ashleigh xx

  2. I love the blue top! So pretty :)

  3. Ohhh I love these shirts! So nice :D xx

  4. i love all three, i love how they're all so different :)


  5. Wow such a great haul. Love all of these :D x