Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Review ; Olay & Nivea

They say; Enriched with Natural Lemongrass & Rice Extract, supports the natural balance of your skin. Regulates your skin's oil balance to leave your skin shine free, the light formulation hydrates your skin without clogging pores. With SPF 8 and extra UVA filters it helps to protect your skin from enviromental influences and premature skin aging.
I say; This product lives up to all that it says. I've been using it for two weeks now and have seen a massive change in my skin. As i do have quite oily skin it is hard to find a good moisturiser which doesn't leave my skin shiny. I haven't had any shine while using this product which is great. I've also noticed a change in my pores, its not a massive one but it is a change! I would strongly recommened this to girls with oily skin.

They say; Regenerate your skin to a level of radiant brilliance with thermal skin polisher. When added to the skin with water, it gently warms up to penetrate and cleanse deep into the pores. Achieves the look of a mini peel with regular use, cleanses deeply from the water-activated self heating formula. Gently exfoliates to reval fresh new skin, invigorates and refreshes. Gentle enough to use everyday.
I say; Again i've been using this everyday for two weeks, and i love this product. I love the way it warms up on your skin and how smooth and fresh looking your skin is after use. It does say on the product to use a pearl amount which i noticed i need to use a little more to spread to my whole face, and the warm feeling doesn't seem to last too long, but other than that i think this is a great product which really does make your skin look and feel amazing.
Both these products are quite cheap.


  1. lovely reviews! I've been meaning to pick up the thermal skin polisher cos I've heard great things about it. I reckon the Nivea moisturising fluid will definitely have to go on the shopping list too cos I find my skin can go from seriously dry to oily within days so its good to have a product for each! :)

  2. I have oily skin too so I will definitely check out these products!! :)

    I love your blog, i'm following, check mine out if you'd like!!