Monday, 18 October 2010


Hey Ladies.
So i went and got my hair cut today, i love it! I'll either post pictures tomorrow or friday. Anyway i then went to get this wand (which i've been wanting a while now). My hairdresser used this on me a few months ago and i loved how it looked, and the curls stayed in until i washed my hair! I already have nautraly curly hair but i love these as they give your hair big waves rather than curls. Although you can create tighter smaller curls by taking smaller sections of hair. Anyway, so i knew these worked really well and make my hair look great. (will post pictures once used).
They have 3 different heat settings so you can use really hot or cooler for less hair damage. They come with a heat mat and a glove so you dont burn your fingers (the glove looks really small but streches) and you get a 3 year guarantee!
It also comes with a free gift set right now, i bought these at Argos so the offer might just be in there. I didn't get the free set as it wasn't in stock, abit weird the free gift wasn't but the wand was but whatev.


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